Best Cheap nopCommerce Web Hosting: Which Host to Pick for nopCommerce?

Best Cheap nopCommerce Web Hosting:  Which Host to Pick for nopCommerce?

When it comes to looking for the best cheap nopCommerce web hosting, there are several factors that one should take into consideration. Among these are the performance, compatibility, reliability, technical support, as well as the ease of use.

Beginners who are not that familiar with the nopCommerce web hosting might find it difficult to make a choice. But the key here is to look for the company that can provide a hundred percent nopCommerce compatibility and the most recommended company that has this is the Bluehost.

Option to Upgrade

It is important to choose a web hosting company that can provide appropriate price policies that are based on the web hosting features that are on the various web hosting packages that they offer. Most of the web hosting companies would offer their most basic package between $4 and $8 month, but Bluehost offers their package for $3.95 per month only.

Their package already comes with everything that you need. But just like with other companies, they also give their customers an option to upgrade to other packages, giving you the flexibility to upgrade if your nopCommerce site would grow faster beyond the resource limitations that the previous package can provide you. So given this option to upgrade, it is easy to conclude that the Bluehost is indeed one of the best cheap nopCommerce web hosting companies these days.

Ease of Installation

For beginners, software installation might not be an easy task. This is because the job would require a lot of manual work which one cannot do without any technical knowledge. Right now, Bluehost offers two options when it comes to the installation. One is to be handled by a dedicated team and another is through a one script installer tool. They also have a 24 hour technical support team that will be more than willing to assist you with the installation and will address all your technical related concerns.

Satisfactory Performance

The uptime and the speed of the website are very important. In fact, experts say that the overall success of your ecommerce business will greatly depend on the speed and performance of your website. So when it comes to looking for the most affordable and reliable nopCommerce web hosting package, you must make sure to take these into consideration.

In this regard, the Bluehost web hosting company will be a great choice. The company makes use of the best technologies that can make your website to be fully functional.

Round the Clock Technical Support

If you are not a web developer, then you will need to choose a web hosting company that has a professional technical support team who will address all the technical issues that you could encounter on your site. Bluehost does not disappoint when it comes to this. Their technical team will be more than willing to assist you in case your website goes down or when you experience some errors.

Aside from the features stated above, Bluehost offers free domain name, unlimited disk storage, free email accounts and unlimited bandwidth. And the best thing about the company is that they offer perks and discounts, such as a $200 worth of advertising voucher.

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