Best Domain Name Registration Services

Best Domain Name Registration Services

Domain name registration is a crucial part of website creation. Before you can design your website or even purchase a web hosting service, you should first register your website’s domain name on a good registrar. But for those who are quite new and unfamiliar with website creation, you may ask what domain name registration is and how you can do it. $2.50 Domain Names
Well, here is a simple guide on how to register domain names and some of the best domain name registration services that you can choose from.

Domain Name Registration

A domain name is your website’s identification, like a person’s name, so that people will find it and be able to identify it. And you can only give your website a name if you register it with a certified domain name registrar.

A domain name registrar is a company that enables you to register your name and have the right to claim your chosen domain name as your own. Registrars prevent other entities from using your registered domain name or claim it as their own. Because website domain names cannot be the same, unlike in humans that can have the same name, a registrar ensures that you have the right to your registered name and no one else can use it or register it somewhere else. Registrars track every domain names so that they will know which ones are taken and which ones are available.

Best Domain Name Registration Services

Now that you know what a domain name and a domain name registrar is, you can now choose from the list below which name registrar is best for you.

GoDaddy is considered the most trusted domain name registrar on the Internet. It is also the largest domain name registrar with over 36 million domain names registered with them. Aside from its track record, GoDaddy also features lots of elements that are advantageous in creating a website.

You can also host your website on GoDaddy and be given domain name registration discounts by purchasing one of their web hosting plans. There are additional features and tools on their web hosting services that provide advantages to website owners.

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  • Enom

Enom has about 10 million registered domain names, which is huge, though they only have eight percent of the market share. That’s because they have slightly cheaper rates. Enom also provides great support and superb performance – one of the best, actually. has more than 2 million registered domains and counting. But even though the numbers are not as high as their competitors, is one of the best because of their network support. You will definitely get answers to your questions and solutions to your problems if you register your domain name with this registrar.

  • Moniker

Moniker is a domain name registrar and a domain name broker. This means that even if your chosen domain name is already taken, Moniker can negotiate with the current domain name owner so that you can buy that domain and use it. Because of this, users who want to buy domain names that already gained presence choose Moniker to be able to purchase already owned domain names.


Find Best Domain Name Registration Services for Your Website Address

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