Best ProcessWire Web Hosting

Best ProcessWire Web Hosting

If you have been building sites, then ProcessWire might sound familiar to you. This is a free PHP5 CMS or Content Management System which was created to help you save time and work in creating your website. ProcessWire certainly has an easier and stronger control on your web pages, templates, fields, as well as markup in any scale.

It gives a powerful template system which works exactly the way you wanted them to. The Query inspired API of ProcessWire makes working with the web content more enjoyable and simpler and developing and managing your site will shockingly turn out easier as compared to what you might be used to. But have you thought about the best web host for ProcessWire? Hostgator is the best ProcessWire web hosting company to choose and this article will tell you why.

Cheap Web Hosting

When looking for affordable web hosting packages, Hostgator is definitely the best choice and it is for this reason why it is considered as the best web hosting company for ProcessWire. But despite being affordable, Hostgator is truly efficient and will make your website run as smoothly as possible.

They make use of a cPanel and come with shell access for those accounts that are less than $10 per month. If you chose the Baby Plan of Hostgator, you will be able to host unlimited domains without the need to pay any extra fees. You will certainly be able to build more websites without having to worry about the cost and other hidden fees.

Good Customer Service

Another great thing about Hostgator is that they have an exceptionally good customer service. If you host ProcessWire with them, they will be able to assist you with anything. You can even reach them easily, either through chat, email, or over the phone.

The live chat option is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All of their customer service representatives will be able to attend to your needs as fast as possible so you will not have to wait longer for any of your issues to be resolved. They are well adept with ProcessWire as well, so whatever your concerns are, they will make sure to get this taken care of for you.

Backing Up Files

Hostgator will automatically back up all of your files and they do this for free. If your site will get ruined or hacked, their customer support team can help to restore this for you. It is still recommended that you back up your files manually. Hostgator will also give you an extra layer of security for providing automatic backups and for storing them for you. They will also let you set up unlimited emails that you can use for your domain and setting up emails is pretty easy.

Whether it is ProcessWire, WordPress, or other content management systems, Hostgator is definitely a great choice for your web hosting. As stated above, it has everything that you will need for a web host. It is very affordable as well, so it is perfect for those who are still new in the world of ecommerce.


Best ProcessWire Web Hosting to Buy for Your Website Creation

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