Best Small Business Web Hosting Services Comparison

Best Small Business Web Hosting Services Comparison

Building a website takes time, effort and resources. Website building is only the beginning of your journey to having a successful website that will make your business thrive. Because it is not made with just a one-step setup procedure, you need to continuously work on it so that you can construct it, launch it and manage it.

Aside from the work that you have to do on building a website, you also have to choose the best web services there is so that you can be sure that your website will be stable and efficient. That being said, you need to do a best small business web hosting services comparison so you can choose the best web hosting service that you can find so that your website will be stable and secured. This way, you can provide continuous service to your clients and your prospective customers. And with all the web hosting services that are popping all over the Internet today, you need to learn how to differentiate the web hosting companies that provide true quality services and web hosting companies that are providing inferior quality services.

Best Small Business Web Hosting Services Comparison

If you want to know more about web hosting services and know how to determine which web hosting company is offering the best services with the lowest price, read on.

The basic features that you have to look for in a web hosting service company are listed below. Make sure that you compare each one so that you will have an idea which company offers the best features yet offer the lowest price.

  • Pricing

Pricing is an important factor when doing a best small business web hosting services comparison. But it is not a deciding factor since many web hosting service companies offer inferior quality services for high prices while others offer great quality services for cheap prices only. So expensive web hosting packages are not always a good choice.

  • Catch-All Email

See if the web hosting services you are looking at have a catch-all email feature that gathers all emails from any email address.

  • Email Autoresponders

Email autoresponders, which enable you to set up automatic replies to incoming emails, should also be considered in choosing the right web hosting service.

  • Static IP Addresses

See if your chosen web hosting service provider offers static IP addresses even for an additional charge.

  • Round the Clock Support

Make sure that your chosen web hosting service provider offers 24/7 phone support. Having a round the clock support will enable you to immediately get assistance whenever something comes up.

Web Hosting Services

Here is a list of great web hosting service providers that you can choose from so you can do a best small business web hosting services comparison:

Bluehost, which is operated through cPanel, is friendly for beginners. Their scripts make it easier for users to install various tools for making a website. So even if cPanel is not really that easy to use, once you get a good understanding of the interface, you will find Bluehost’s features, particularly the scripts, a great convenience.

Aside from the efficient tools that Bluehost offers, the price of their web hosting services are also quite affordable. From $4 to $20, website owners can build professional websites of their own.

We think HostGator is the best web host to use to start your business website.  Host Gator has cheap shared web hosting options, but they also have VPS and dedicated web hosting.  So, as your business grows, you don’t have to change web hosts.  You can just upgrade your plan to keep up with your website growth and needs.

  • 1&1

1&1 is a web hosting provider that lets users choose between two service plans. Users can either configure their web hosting services through Linux or Windows or through their unique 1&1 MyWebsite plan.

The good thing about 1&1’s MyWebsite plan is its easy-to-use interface and amazing features that lets you create a professional looking website. The tool also provides various website templates that you can use in building your own website without going through all the trouble of designing your own template.

1&1 also features a shopping cart system and various add-ons, which are great for building a business website. Aside from that, this web hosting provider also guarantees continuous website uptime because they are saving their customers’ data on two separate data centers.

LunarPages have various web hosting plans available for different kinds of website needs. Website owners can select from numerous plans that are affordable and feature-packed. The web hosting provider also has backups, webmail and website creation wizards.

LunarPages may also be run on two interfaces; LPCP (LunarPages Control Panel) or cPanel. LPCP is a confusing interface but once you get the hand of it, you will be able to enjoy the features of LunarPages. cPanel, a much more familiar interface, can be used by customers for an additional fee of $2.

GoDaddy may not be the best web hosting service provider but it also has features that are grand. Its traffic management system and content management makes website owners to have their website still up and running and be flooded with tons of visitors even when one of their servers go down.

Newbies will find GoDaddy a great place to start since they have very helpful and friendly support – a compensation for the confusing interface.

Cheap Go Daddy Web Hosting - $.99 per month

GreenGeeks is quite a generic web hosting service provider which uses the familiar cPanel. But what makes this provider unique from others is its aim to be a green company – using wind-energy to run the whole system. But even though the web hosting provider uses wind-energy, it is still quite affordable and has features and tools that website owners will find useful.

  • Comcast

Comcast is a web hosting service provider that offers free web hosting to everyone who wants to build a simple website. But the features in this provider is only simple and don’t have much to offer so website owners can’t do much with their website using this free hosting. It is often used by small business owners who want to have a small website just to have a kind of presence on the Internet, kind of like a calling card.

There are also paid web hosting plans offered by Comcast but the prices are quite high. A simple plan that is also offered by other web hosting providers for affordable prices are offered by Comcast at sky-high prices.  We don’t recommend Comcast.

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