Best vBulletin Web Hosting Services

Best vBulletin Web Hosting Services

vBulletin is a great community software. Even large social networking sites are being powered by this software that offers rich features. So, it is not surprising that many website owners want to use this platform to power their websites.

But, finding the right web hosting can be a hassle since this community software is powerful and may require additional features that are not available to some web hosting providers. Fortunately, there are best vBulletin web hosting services that web developers can choose from; and the best from the lot, Hostgator. It is known that Hostgator offers great services. And included in those services are the web hosting plans for vBulletin.

Why Choose Hostgator

Here are some of the reasons why Hostgator is deemed to be the best web hosting provider for vBulletin:

  • Compatibility

vBulletin is developed using PHP and MySQL. The latest version of vBulletin requires 1GB hard drive and rewrite engine, MySQL 5.1.5 and PHP 5.3.0 at the very least. Hostgator offers all of these features, which makes it completely compatible with vBulletin’s latest version, vBulletin 5.0.4.

  • Installation

When it comes to installation, Hostgator also provides the best service as they offer free installation for vBulletin. This does not only mean ease and convenience to web developers but also big savings on their pockets.

Web developers can start using vBulletin within just a couple of minutes after installation. A few hours is the longest time to wait for the software to be installed into the system, which is not really a long time considering it is for free and the compatibility is great.

  • Uptime

Another thing that sets Hostgator apart from its competitors, whether it’s for other softwares or for vBulletin, is the uptime. Hostgator guarantees 99.99% uptime and it is not just a figure. The 99.99% uptime is real and is verifiable by uptime monitors that observe the reliability and sustainability of web hosting providers. The lowest percentage that was read on a 6-month monitoring by a company is 99.98%, not bad compared to others that can only offer 99.97% on a regular basis.

  • Support

Another great thing about choosing Hostgator is that you can always get help whenever you need it. The web hosting company’s well-trained support team is always available to provide assistance and suggestions to each and every customer that submits issues to their line.

You can get assistance through various means, which is very useful when you are facing issues with your vBulletin software. You can reach their help center via email, chat and phone. Also, their phone number is toll-free, which is another plus to webmasters that prefer phone conversations over chats and emails.

Hostgator is a well-known web hosting provider because of their reliability in terms of uptime and customer assistance. They are also quite popular due to their speedy servers and approachable customer support agents. Aside from that, their web hosting plans’ compatibility to various softwares and services sets them apart from other competitors that cannot sustain users that utilize softwares that require requirements that are too high for some companies.

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