Best Web Hosting for b2evolution

Best Web Hosting for b2evolution Blog Publishing Software

Because of the advantages offered by b2evolution to many website owners, many people are finding the best web hosting for b2evolution blog publishing software. This way, they can maximize the features of this multi-blog management software to make their website even more efficient.

Because of this, reviews on various web hosting providers had been conducted to see which one will be able to offer the best service for b2evolution. Not surprisingly, the web hosting that garnered the most customer satisfaction percentage is Bluehost.

Bluehost – Best b2evolution Hosting Provider

Out of the 378 customers that had reviewed Bluehost, 376 customers had shown satisfaction for the service of the web hosting provider. This is an unlikely feat as 97% customer satisfaction percentage is quite high and not common in the industry. Thus, it only proves that Bluehost has really provided great service to their clients who use b2evolution.

  • Supports and Enhances b2evolution Environment

Bluehost fully supports b2evolution, including the software’s latest release, version 4.1.7, by supporting MySQL 5 and PHP 5.2.x, 5.3.x, 5.4.x.

The PHP memory limit that Bluehost has set is also beyond the minimum requirement. Also, clients’ website rankings are enhanced through Bluehost’s effort by installing Apache mod_rewrite 2 module by default.

  • Great Features

Bluehost also offers lots of great features that make b2evolution easier to use. These features also enable clients to make their website more efficient without worrying about the speed of their page load.

From unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts and domains to 99.9% uptime and SimpleScripts feature, clients can definitely make excellent websites with the help of Bluehost and b2evolution. Because of this, b2evolution websites will be much faster and more efficient without having the need to make sacrifices such as slow page load and shutting down of website due to sudden traffic surges.

  • Performance

Bluehost has also made sure that they can provide high quality service all the time. Because of the custom-built servers located in three data centers in different location, Bluehost is able to provide high speed servers that are reliable and efficient. Thus, the b2evolution sites that are hosted with Bluehost are fast and stable.

  • Customer Support

The customer support offered by Bluehost is also quite commendable. The web hosting provider’s customer service staff consists of professional customer support agents that specialize in various kinds of websites and content management softwares, which enable them to provide the highest quality of assistance to their every client.

Because Bluehost’s customer service agents specialize in different website creation softwares and methods, clients that use b2evolution are able to receive help that truly help solve their problems.

Another reason why Bluehost is considered the best web hosting for b2evotluion blog publishing software is its affordability. The company’s web hosting plans that support b2evotion software is quite cheap compared to other web hosting providers’ plan, which makes their service more appealing to clients. Nonetheless, the quality of service that Bluehost offers to their clients is unparalleled and commendable, which makes b2evolution websites fast, reliable and functional.

Try Bluehost today, what are you waiting for?


Best Web Hosting Provider for b2evolution Blog Publishing Software

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