Bluehost vs WebHostingHub Comparison: Which One’s Better?

Bluehost vs WebHostingHub: Which One’s Better?

If we talk of system resource allocation, reliability, technical support, web hosting features as well as the page loading speed, then Bluehost Web Hosting is highly recommended; more than WebHostingHub. So if you are having a hard time in deciding between Bluehost Web Hosting vs WebHostingHub Web Host, then read this article as we talk more of their comparisons below.

System Resource Allocation

Bluehost and WebHostingHub are both doing well when it comes to system resource allocation. Both are popular web hosting companies, and as such, they do not tend to oversell their web hosts. Bluehost actually reserves up to thirty percent of their server capacity as their redundant resources and they made sure that the health of their servers stays in good shape by means of their CPU throttling technology which has the capacity to penalize any site that would overuse their system resources.

As for WebHostingHub, they reserve about 50  percent of their capacity as their redundant resources, which is more than Bluehost, but these redundant resources are only temporarily allocated to bursting websites in order to ensure that both the websites as well as the server will not crash or run out of memory. With this comparison, Bluehost is way better, and thus, it is a good idea to get Blue Host as your web hosting provider.


Both Bluehost and WebHostingHub are great in terms of reliability. Both web hosting providers do not have that much downtime as compared with other web hosting services. Although WebHostingHub has the ability to run the website even faster, the speed of the site that the Bluehost hosted is more consistent.

Technical Support

When we talk of technical support between Bluehost Web Hosting and WebHostingHub Web Host, the WebHostingHub Web Host is actually better. Both have live chat and phone support, and their technical support staffs are both excellent. However, the Tier I technical support of Bluehost is not doing quite as well as compared with the one from WebHostingHub Web Host. Instead of offering to resolve the issue right at the moment you contacted them, they will have to raise the concern to a higher level of tech support and will only get back to you when they get a reply from such support.

Web Hosting Features

The web hosting features of Bluehost is way better, thus, you should get Blue Host if you are more particular with the features of your web hosting service provider. Bluehost would support SSH Access (Secure Shell), PostgreSQL database as well as Ruby on Rails, and all these there are not available through WebHostingHub. The home page loading speed are the same for both, even with the WordPress programs.


With the Bluehost Web Hosting vs WebHostingHub Web Host comparison, it is safe to say that WebHostingHub is better when it comes to reliability, technical support as well as speed. Nevertheless, it is still highly recommended that you get Blue Host for your web hosting needs. The reason is simply because this web hosting service provider has been in the business for fifteen years now and they have already proven themselves to be the best when it comes to web hosting.



Bluehost vs WebHostingHub Comparison: Which One’s Better?

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