BlueHost Web Hosting vs. iPage: Why You Should Get Blue Host

BlueHost Web Hosting vs. iPage: Why You Should Get Blue Host

Both BlueHost and iPage are great web hosting service providers. They have been awarded ‘Best Web Hosting’ by different sites, proving the quality of their service to their clients. That is also the reason why the two web hosting companies are seen as rivals. Because they have both reached the top of the web hosting industry, many web hosting clients are thinking which one is better. This resulted in the BlueHost Web Hosting vs. iPage rivalry.

This made many web hosting users to compare the two and see which one is the best. Many factors have been considered to compare the two top web hosting providers; from their prices and customer service to their speed and reliability, web hosting purchasers have evaluated the two.

Who Won the BlueHost Web Hosting vs. iPage Rivalry?

BlueHost has proven that it is the best web hosting provider on the Internet. Because of its advantages on many factors, BlueHost was considered the top leading web hosting provider that web hosting clients ought to check out.

  • Features

The reason why you should get Blue Host is because BlueHost has more features and tools that web hosting clients find useful than iPage. There are loads of features that BlueHost offers to their customers such as:

    • Free domain
    • Unlimited disk space
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Unlimited email accounts
    • Hosting of unlimited number of domains in a single account
    • Supports php
    • MySQL
    • Shell Access
    • Support for Python, PostgreSQL, Ruby and Rail database
    • Free CDN service
    • .htaccess override


  • Pricing

BlueHost has advertised a 50% discount on their 1-3 years of web hosting contracts, one of the great reasons why you should get Blue Host. This means that if you want to purchase a multi-year contract, you can still avail of the great discount.

Meanwhile, iPage offers a bigger discount of 56% on their monthly charges. But the drawback on this discount program is that customers can only purchase a single-year contract.

  • Reliability

Both web hosting companies are quite reliable; BlueHost only having .87% advantage on uptime percentage.

  • Speed

Another good reason why you should get Blue Host over iPage is because of the speed of BlueHost’s servers. When tested on various website creation software, BlueHost proved to be much faster

  • Customer Support

BlueHost does not outsource its customer support, which makes a great difference in customer service. Because BlueHost’s customer staff is consisted of skilled and knowledgeable engineers, they are able to provide high quality assistance to their customers.

On the other hand, iPage outsources their customer support which makes their customer service low quality. Because their support staff is not that skilled in the industry, they are not able to provide the utmost assistance that consumers are expecting.

BlueHost has proven their ability in various aspects through the wide and comprehensive comparison that they are the best web hosting provider that anyone can find. This makes BlueHost the true top leading web hosting service provider on the Internet.


BlueHost Web Hosting vs. iPage: Why You Should Get Blue Host

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