BlueHost Web Hosting vs Netfirms Web Host: Buy Blue Host

BlueHost Web Hosting vs Netfirms Web Host: Buy Blue Host

Two web hosting providers are now in a rivalry in being the best web hosting provider of today; BlueHost Web Hosting vs Netfirms Web Host. Because the two web hosting providers offer lots of useful tools and features, many users are comparing the two just to see which is better at providing a reliable, fast and customer-friendly hosting plan.

Many consumers are now thinking which of the two is better. So, here is a review and comparison of the two web hosting service providers.

Comparison: BlueHost Web Hosting vs Netfirms Web Host

From pricing, features and tools to speed and reliability, BlueHost and NetFirms are striving to be the best.

  • Pricing

BlueHost offers quite affordable web hosting solutions to consumers. They are offering a web hosting plan that is as low as less than $4 a month. This is quite an affordable web hosting plan because the tools and features that BlueHost provides are quite satisfactory and useful. This means that it offers value for money. This encourages a lot of people to buy Blue Host instead of its competitor, NetFirms.

NetFirms, on the other hand, is also striving to be an affordable web hosting solutions provider by offering a web hosting package that costs only $4.45 per month. The only drawback on this discounted price is that you have to purchase a two-year package. This enables great savings but this is also disadvantageous since clients will have to pay a big amount of fee for the whole two years of contract.

Based on this aspect, you should buy Blue Host instead of NetFirms.

  • Features and Tools

BlueHost provides quite a number of features and tools that web hosting clients can use to create, manage and update their websites. The cPanel that BlueHost uses is also quite easy to use, making it great for newbies who want to create and manage their own website.

NetFirms, on the other hand, also offers numerous features and tools that are quite useful. But, the web hosting provider uses a control panel that they have designed, which makes it hard for people who are used in using cPanel to use the control panel that is provided by NetFirms.

This also makes more consumers buy Blue Host instead of their competitor.

  • Reliability and Speed

When it comes to reliability and speed, both web hosting providers offer fast and reliable services. But, BlueHost is already an established web hosting authority; so many consumers are still opting to get the services of BlueHost instead of NetFirms.

If you are going to buy a web hosting plan, be sure that you have researched well so that you will find the best web hosting provider on the Internet. Today, BlueHost is deemed the best web hosting provider, so if you want to have the best web hosting and greatest quality of customer service, buy Blue Host. Make sure that you avail of their discounts and promos so that aside from their great service, you will also avail of the great markdown that they are offering to their customers.


BlueHost Web Hosting vs Netfirms Web Host: Buy Blue Host

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