Cost to Host a Website on the Internet

How Much Does it Cost to Host a Website on the Internet?

The cost to host a website on the Internet varies. Depending on your skills and on the weight of the responsibility that you want to take for managing your web hosting, you might spend anything from less than $5 to more than a few hundred dollars a month.  Hostgator has reliable, cheap web hosting for less than $4 per month!

Hosting a website will be costly if you would hire someone to manage your hosting account for you. Because this involves technical skills, you will have to pay large fees to get things done on your website. But if you are willing to learn and apply the things that you will know from various how-to articles and video tutorials, you will be able to save a lot of money.

Hosting a Website

Here are two ways on how to host your website: let others manage your hosting or manage your hosting on your own. Included are advantages of each method so that you will be able to determine which method is best for you and your budget.

    • Managed Hosting

When you sign up for a hosting account and let someone manage that web hosting account for you, you will be paying a lot of money on a monthly basis. Most hosting companies charge a minimum of $50 a month for managed hosting. That’s already $600 a year on web hosting, which is quite expensive for hosting your website.

Other fees are not included in that rate. When you have to let your admin troubleshoot or manage your web hosting for a particular reason, you will have to pay additional fees so that you will be able to ask for assistance. This is not very nice because aside from paying more fees, you will also have to wait for quite a while so that the admin can attend to your concerns.

When you sum up the charge for a managed hosting and the fees that you need to pay whenever you ask for assistance, the cost could be too high. The cost could be more than $100 per month.

  • Self-Managed Hosting

When you decide to manage your own web hosting, you are saving yourself from costly fees and extra charges. Nowadays, you can get a web hosting service for less than $5 a month. That is quite a low fee compared to managed hosting.

If you don’t have the cash to pay for a full year of hosting all at once, get pay monthly web hosting and pay per month.

You just have to manage your own hosting through your account dashboard or cPanel. And if you think that you are quite a newbie in this, you can turn to your web hosting provider’s tutorials on how to get around your hosting fairly easily.

Knowing technical skills and Internet languages is great but you do not have to learn them all in just one sitting. You can learn them as you go, so don’t worry. There are many tutorials that you can turn to when you need some help in managing your hosting. Also, you can ask for assistance from your web hosting provider’s support. They might not be able to have them manage your hosting for you, but, you can ask for assistance on how to do that yourself.

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