Does BlueHost Web Hosting Suck?

Does BlueHost Web Hosting Suck?

‘Does BlueHost web hosting suck?’ The simple answer is no. But if you want a detailed answer and some explanation as to why Bluehost does not suck and is capable of providing quality service, then read on.

However, if you can’t be convinced that Bluehost is as good as people say they are, then try another highly rated web host – Hostgator.

Is Bluehost Really Good?

You might think that if Bluehost is really such a good web hosting, then why do they have so many negative reviews online? Well, each webmaster has his own expectations, requirements and interpretations of a good web hosting provider. Because of this, some people had made decisions and chose hosting plans that will not suffice what their website needs; and they end up experiencing problems with their chosen web hosting. Incompatibility with software, too much traffic and other factors can affect the functionality of a web server; but it is not always the server’s, but rather the customer’s fault.

So, before you judge a web hosting based on negative reviews, it is best to do some research first and see what they truly have to offer. Thus, you will know if Bluehost is really a good web hosting provider or not.

What Sucks

Here are some things that make Bluehost suck; just to be fair.

  • Downtime

Every web hosting provider experiences downtime, even Bluehost, and everybody knows that. This makes their uptime guarantee to be only 99.9%. But if you think that Bluehost is just being haughty and are making promises that they can’t keep, they can.

Because of scheduled maintenance, overloading servers sometimes due to the fault of customers and other factors, Bluehost can have downtimes. But clients can attest that these downtimes are quite short, which will often not exceed the 0.1% downtime percentage that Bluehost advertises.

  • Limited Disk Space

Bluehost’s disk space is also not unlimited, just like any other web hosting. But they provide much ample space that can accommodate all of your files. Though, if you are uploading movie files, videos and large high quality images, you might want to opt for a dedicated server or virtual private server to avoid overloading your server, which can result to downtime.

What Does Not Suck

As for the explanation why Bluehost does not suck, listed below are some to the features and benefits that Bluehost provides.

Bluehost offers an anytime money-back guarantee. This is a great feature because you can cancel your subscription and withdraw your payment anytime you wish. Thus, if you ever felt unsatisfied with Bluehost’s service, you can always ask for your money back without any trouble.

  • Affordability

Bluehost is also one of the most affordable yet reliable web hosting providers that you can find. Because of this, you can take advantage of everything that a good web hosting has to offer without spending a lot of money on expensive providers that Bluehost can compete with.

  • Own Infrastructure

Because Bluehost has their own datacenters and servers, aside from high quality UPS power and fiber connection, their servers provide overall performance that can only be described as superb. Thus, Bluehost can offer you the best service that you can experience without interruptions and without additional fees that some companies incur because of their datacenter and server hardware rentals.


Is Blue Host as Good as they say?

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