Does HostGator Web Hosting Suck?

Does HostGator Web Hosting Suck?

Does Hostgator web hosting suck? This is one common question among newbie webmasters that do not know much about Hostgator. But for those who have already tried and tested Hostgator’s service, this question may sound a little offensive. But newbie webmasters cannot be blamed for asking this question as there are actually quite a number of negative reviews about Hostgator that you can read online.

Well, just because Hostgator has a number of negative reviews doesn’t mean that their services really do suck. All web hosting providers have negative feedback. Because some people have different expectations, it is unavoidable to have negative reviews from clients that did not receive their expectation from a company. But, this does not mean that the company is not good at all. Just like Hostgator, there are just many companies that receive negative reviews even though they provide high quality service to each of their customers.

We think HostGator is great and highly recommend them.  See why.

Hostgator Doesn’t Suck

HostGator doesn’t suck at all. They are a great company and is one of the most popular and highly appreciated companies by webmasters all over the globe. And, if you want to know why Hostgator is a great company, read the list below.

  • What Sucks About Hostgator

Just like any other web host company, Hostgator has its drawbacks. But with Hostgator, you would likely think twice before you consider them as real drawbacks on their service.

Hostgator has a 99.9% guaranteed uptime. This means that you will probably have about 43 minutes of downtime every month. Well, this isn’t a bad thing at all, is it? Because mostly, the downtime that you will experience with Hostgator are caused by regular scheduled maintenance that keeps your server safe and running perfectly. Thus, downtimes are never really an issue but are a little sacrifice for a better kind of service.

  • What’s Great About Hostgator

To make things clear, here are some reasons why Hostgator is recognized as one of the best web hosting providers of today.

  • Affordability

One great thing about Hostgator is its affordability. Despite the quality of service that they are providing to their clients, they still charge reasonable fees that webmasters gladly take advantage of.

  • Great Customer Support

Another thing that makes Hostgator a great web hosting provider is the quality of their customer support. You can ask for assistance from their support team anytime you need to. This is quite a nice feature since you will be needing this on most days as your website gathers more traffic and develops into a more functional and complex kind of website.

  • cPanel

Another thing that makes Hostgator cool is their control panel. Because the company uses cPanel to enable their clients to manage their web hosting accounts, many newbie and seasoned webmasters are able to manage their account without much problem. Thus, they are able to easily improve their website without taking too much time on learning and operating the control panel that Hostgator has provided.

Hostgator is one of the best web hosting providers that you will ever sign up to. Thus, make sure that you learn more about them so that you too, can take advantage of their services.


Does HostGator Web Hosting Suck?| Is Host Gator a Good Company?

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