Fast Web Hosting for WordPress

Fast Web Hosting for WordPress: Faster Than GoDaddy

If you think that your GoDaddy web hosting is too slow for your WordPress site, and you should, you might want to look for fast web hosting for WordPress which is faster than GoDaddy.  Look, all the experts know Go Daddy is way too slow with WP installations.  It’s time to move your site off of GoDaddy, even if you’re on 4G or their best hosting set-up.

Who to Move Your Site to?

There are two great web hosting providers that you can choose from when it comes to quality service to WordPress websites. InMotion and Hostgator are two of the best web hosting providers that you can choose when you need a faster website that is quite compatible with WordPress. You can’t go wrong with either one, but read on so you can choose the best one for you.

Why Choose InMotion and Hostgator

The two web hosting providers both provide high quality service to their clients. Because of their efficient staff, high quality service and stable servers, these two web hosting providers are able to make WordPress websites fast and reliable.

  • Data Center Location

Because of the good location of data centers of InMotion and Hostgator, the data transfer of the files from the servers to the users is faster. This means that the visitors of the WordPress website that uses InMotion are able to view the page contents faster. Thus, the performance of the website is increased.

With InMotion, clients are able to select between the two data centers that are located on the east coast and west coast of the US. This enables clients to choose the best location of the servers that they want their files to be uploaded for faster webpage load speed.

  • High Quality Servers

Aside from the location of the servers, the quality of the servers themselves is top-notch. This means that the overall performance of the servers is never compromised. The reliability, support and performance are always of high quality, which makes the servers of WordPress sites hosted in InMotion and Hostgator fast and reliable.

  • Great Network Infrastructure

In order to be a fast web hosting for WordPress, faster than GoDaddy, InMotion has invested a lot of money on upgrading and perfecting their network infrastructure so that they can provide the best quality service when it comes to bandwidth and overall performance.

  • Fastest Routes through the Best Technologies

InMotion has also made sure that aside from the servers, the route paths can deliver the data of the clients in the fastest way. They did this by partnering with BGP for a 4 Tier 1 ISP to make sure that the data are delivered in the fastest manner.

  • Max Speed Zone

Clients who are in the Max Speed Zone will also have a faster WordPress site that is 6 times faster than sites based on regular location.

Before you transfer to a fast web hosting for WordPress, of course, faster than GoDaddy, you can do some steps to make your site faster before the move-out.

You can turn off the email notifications that aren’t much needed and deactivate all the plugins that you really do not use. You can also reduce the number of posts per page that appear on your WordPress site when a client views your website so that the page load time will be faster because there are fewer content on your pages.

So quit messing around, and get InMotion hosting now.  Or, go the Hostgator route and get free help moving your WP site.


Fast Web Hosting for WordPress: Faster Than GoDaddy and Better

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