HostGator vs DreamHost

HostGator vs DreamHost

Choosing a winner on the HostGator Web Hosting vs DreamHost Web Host battle can be a bit of a challenge simply because both web hosting providers are doing pretty well. In this review, we’re going to present some information that you need in order to help you decide which among the two you should choose.


Before we go on with the comparisons of these web hosting providers, let us first discuss their history. Both companies have been around for so long and they have already established a name in the World Wide Web as being among the top web hosting providers of all. Both companies offer shared web hosting services and are known for offering top notch servers, domain registration as well as VPS hosting. As you know, shared web hosting is among the most popular services that most web hosting providers offer online, and this applies with HostGator as well as DreamHost too. So let’s begin our comparison.

Web Hosting Features

If you decide to buy Host Gator, you will be able to choose from among these three web hosting plans – Business Plan, Hatchling and Baby Plan. From the name itself, the HostGator Business Plan is designed for business. It comes with a private SSL certificate as well as a dedicated IP address and both are for free. The Hatchling Plan features unlimited data transfer and disk space, including a free website builder, unlimited FTP accounts, subdomains, MySQL databases, email accounts, webmail, video support as well as image programs. The Baby Plan offers all of the features available in hatchling but there is an added feature of unlimited domains and you will also be given an option to have a dedicated IP address, including a private SSL certificate. All these plans come with free customer and technical support.

Web Hosting Features of DreamHost

In order for us to best compare the features of HostGator Web Hosting and DreamHost Web Host, we must also discuss the web hosting features of the latter. DreamHost actually has a different approach in their web hosting features as compared with HostGator. They do not have any web hosting plans that you can choose from but DreamHost also offers unlimited data transfer, hosting domains, email accounts, MySQL databases as well as disk spaces. On top of that, you will also be able to access all of their web hosting features, including the features found on WordPress and eCommerce. They also offer free customer and technical support.

Given the comparisons of the various features that both HostGator and DreamHost offer, you can tell that both offers almost similar products and services for web hosting, and thus, it can be hard to make up your mind whether to buy Host Gator plans or buy the ones from DreamHost. You can never go wrong if you choose any of the two, since they are known to offer outstanding products and services.

But if you really need to make up your mind and decide between HostGator Web Hosting vs DreamHost Web Host, HostGator would be a great choice since you will have plenty of options to choose from since they offer different web hosting plans.


HostGator Web Hosting vs DreamHost Web Host Comparison

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