HostGator Web Hosting vs BlueHost Web Host

HostGator Web Hosting vs BlueHost Web Host

The HostGator Web Hosting vs BlueHost Web Host battle reveals that these two web hosting providers offer almost similar products and services. But there are certain differences that could actually affect your decision on whether to choose HostGator or the BlueHost Web Host. So let us discuss the various features of each of these web hosting providers.

Web Hosting Features

In order to compare two best hosts, let us take a look at the various features that HostGator and BlueHost offer. For one, both of them offer free domain name as well as unlimited hosting space. Moreover, both HostGator and BlueHost have unlimited bandwidth transfer, tech support, email accounts as well as domain hosting services. They also offer free SSH shell access, eCommerce hosting services, shared SSL cert as well as free site builders and templates. So as you can see, both web hosting providers are at par when it comes to the web hosting features that they can offer.

All about the Web Hosting Companies

In order to find out more about these web hosting companies and compare two best hosts, let us discuss what each of these firms have done ever since they started operating. To start with, both firms have exceeded $85 million in total revenues ever since they first started with their operation. HostGator started in 2002, while BlueHost began its operation in 1996. When it comes to the number of hosts however, HostGator is in the lead since it has already hosted over 6 million sites, while BlueHost has only hosted more than 2 million sites.

The Differences

In order to decide on the winner of the Host Gator Web Hosting vs Blue Host Web Host comparison, let us also find out the differences between the two web hosting providers. HostGator offers three different web hosting plans – hatchling plans, baby plans as well as business plans. As for Blue Host, they do not have any web hosting plans, but they simply offer one Unique Web Hosting Plan that has almost the same features as the various web hosting plans that the Host Gator offers. Furthermore, HostGator has Google Adwords credits of $100, while BlueHost has $75.

Money Back Guarantee, Contracts and IP Address

When we talk of money back guarantee, HostGator has a 45 day money back guarantee while BlueHost offers a money back guarantee at anytime. For the number of contracts, HostGator has monthly or yearly contracts, while BlueHost only has a minimum one year of contract for the web hosting plan that they offer. And finally, while HostGator offers dedicated IP address for both their Baby and Business web hosting plans, Blue Host do not have any dedicated IP address at all.

This whole Host Gator Web Hosting vs BlueHost Web Host comparison shows the various similarities as well as the differences between two of the best web hosting companies in the World Wide Web. By looking into each of the features and several other factors, you should be able to decide which among these two web hosting companies you should choose for your website to function well.  We lean towards HostGator, especially with the recent deals they’ve been running.


HostGator Web Hosting vs BlueHost Web Host Comparison 2013

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