HostGator Web Hosting vs GoDaddy Web Host

HostGator Web Hosting vs GoDaddy Web Host

HostGator and Go Daddy are two of the best web hosting providers these days. But in order to find out which among the two is the best, read this HostGator Web Hosting vs GoDaddy Web Host review now. To start with, let us first discuss what each of these web hosting companies can offer.

HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator is known to offer various types of web hosting plans. Each plan is catered according to the customer’s needs – from first time web users to pro webmasters. The web hosting packages that HostGator offers are cheaper than any of the hosting plans that other web hosting companies could offer.

But despite of its very affordable rates, HostGator still provides you with the best resources to make your website highly functional. Even if you subscribe to their basic packages, you will already get almost everything that you will need for your site to function well. Furthermore, the customer support specialists of HostGator are excellent and are always willing to help you with any of your concerns.

The only drawback of HostGator is that their CPU usage is limited. It is restricted to only 25 percent, which is not enough, especially for those who run a website for bigger corporations. But despite this minor drawback, HostGator is still the best. So if you need a web hosting company that is highly efficient, then you should buy Host Gator.

GoDaddy Web Host

GoDaddy is also a good choice for a shared web hosting plan because they are dirt cheap. However, as soon as you begin to draw more traffic to your site, you will begin to notice several problems with this web hosting provider. For one, you will begin to notice a decrease on the performance of your site. In fact, some of the subscribers of GoDaddy would often complain that the website could take 30 to 40 seconds to load, which is extremely slow as compared with other sites that are hosted by some other web hosting providers, such as HostGator.

One cannot say that the slow performance is due to a problem with the Internet connection of the user, because several online tests were conducted. Trace routes, ping, and other means of testing were done just to prove that the problem has something to do with GoDaddy and not because of overloaded server, slow internet connections, etc.


Based on this HostGator Web Hosting vs GoDaddy Web Host review, it is clear that HostGator is definitely better than GoDaddy in terms of several aspects. Even if GoDaddy has an excellent team of customer support, they still cannot compete with HostGator because of the quality of the hosting plans that they provide. Aside from that, their hosting packages are more expensive as compared with other web hosting providers out there. So if you want to get your money’s worth when it comes to looking for a web host provider for your website, you should buy Host Gator. Signing up for an account at HostGator is fast and easy. The entire process can be completed on their site and in only a few minutes, you will have a new hosting account ready for your site.


Compare HostGator Web Hosting vs GoDaddy Web Host

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