HostMonster Web Hosting vs LunarPages Web Host

HostMonster Web Hosting vs LunarPages Web Host

Finding the best web host provider is very essential for businesses that plan to extend their services to the online world. It is very crucial to choose the best web host provider and this can be very overwhelming especially for first time website owners. Currently, two of the best web host providers are HostMonster and LunarPages. However, one can only have one choice and this can only be dealt with through a comparison of the two companies.

Who Wins the HostMonster Web Hosting vs LunarPages Web Host Battle?

  • Years in the Business

The number of years of operation is a good gauge of a company’s competency. This is very important because the longer one has been in the industry, the better. HostMonster has been established in 1996 while LunarPages was established in 1998.

  • Features

HostMonster and LunarPages seem to have almost the same features. However, it still looks like HostMonster is leading due to the following:

  • Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Domain
  • Free Site Builders
  • Free Online Stores
  • Reliability

How reliable are both web host providers?  Both providers have proven to be reliable with only a small difference in favor of HostMonster due to the fact that it has more uptime of 91% compared to LunarPages’ 82%.

  • Pricing

The pricing for both web host providers are basically the same at $6.95 a month. However, it’s good to know that both companies are offering a discounted rate of only $4.95 a month. As far as pricing is concerned, there’s no clear winner in the Host Monster web hosting vs Lunar Pages web host battle.

  • Customer Support

Another important thing that one must tackle when it comes to choosing the best web host provider is the customer support. HostMonster is known to have its own data center and they do not outsource. The same can be said with Lunar Pages, as they also have their own team of customer support. However, LunarPages has gotten several bad reviews over the years while HostMonster has consistently been getting positive reviews for its customer support team.


The comparison between HostMonster web host and LunarPages web host is difficult because both have more similarities than differences. However, it is observed that there are more Host Monster web users as compared to LunarPages. This is the reason why it is better to buy Host Monster rather than LunarPages.

When it comes to the server and network speed, technical support, user-friendliness, price and value for money, HostMonster has higher percentage rates than LunarPages and this clearly explains that it is the better web host provider.

HostMonster is really a monster when it comes to providing web hosting services to their clients and this web host provider has been serving more domains than LunarPages. It is clear that HostMonster web host is the better one compared to LunarPages and now you don’t have to feel overwhelmed anymore because you have an idea as to which web host provider you should go for. There is no doubt, HostMonster will provide you with only the best web hosting services that you need.



Compare HostMonster Web Hosting vs LunarPages Web Host Comparison

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