How do I create a website with a Namecheap purchased domain name and Media Temple web hosting?

How do I create a website with a Namecheap purchased domain name and Media Temple web hosting?

If you are asking, how do I create a website with a Namecheap purchased domain name and Media Temple web hosting, you might be a newbie in website creation, domain names and web hosting. But do not worry, asking this question is normal and is very common among new webmasters. The process is not hard and you can get around it pretty quickly. You just need to make sure that you secure all of your files regarding your domain name registrar and web hosting account so that you can be sure that they are safe and they can only be edited and managed by you.

Having a secured web hosting account and domain name account will be your best defense against hacking. So before you even start creating your own website using a Namecheap domain name and Media Temple web hosting, you better make sure that all your data is safe.

Creating a Website Using Namecheap and Media Temple

To create a website using Namecheap’s domain name and Media Temple’s web hosting, you only need to connect the two. You need to add your Namecheap domain name on your web hosting server so that it will have access on your server. Then, point your domain name on your server so that whenever a visitor looks up your domain name, it will point to your Media Temple server, which contains your website files.

But before you can do that, you need to know what your nameservers are. These two nameservers can be found on your welcome email from Media Temple when you have signed up for a web hosting account. Once you noted your nameservers, you can start editing your DNS settings and your web hosting.

  • Adding Your Domain Name on Media Temple

Media Temple uses Plesk control panel, which is different from the usual cPanel that other web hosting providers use. So, the process can be a bit different from other usual processes.

Once you have logged in to your account, go to your ControlCenter and hover at the ‘Domains’ tab. Then, click the ‘Add New Domain or Service’ on the dropdown menu. Then, hit the ‘Add Domain’ button located at the ‘Add Domains’ section. Then, provide your domain name that you have registered on Namecheap.

Choose the server that you want to use then hit ‘Next Step’. You will be brought to the ‘Overview’ page where you will see your new domain name that you just recently added.

  • Editing Your DNS Settings on Namecheap

After you have successfully added your domain name on your Media Temple account, you can now edit your domain name’s DNS settings so that it will be pointed onto your new server.

After logging in to Namecheap, hover over ‘My Account’ then click ‘Manage Domains’. Choose the domain name that you want to edit then choose ‘‘Transfer DNS to Webhost’. After that, click on the radio button where ‘Specify Custom DNS Servers’ is located. Provide your nameservers that you got from Media Temple and save the changes.

After you edited your DNS settings, wait for at least 24-48 hours for the changes to propagate. After that, you are free to create your own site and upload your content on your server for your audience to see.

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