How to Build a Website that Will Get a Lot of Visitors

How to Build a Website that Will Get a Lot of Visitors

Building a website is not really complex. If you are aiming for a basic website, you can get it set up in just a matter of hours or days and can get it up and running for just under $100. But if you are planning on creating a fully-functional ecommerce site that already has everything you will need, from the tools to database that can handle traffic, you will need a lot of time and money for that; say, minimum of a few weeks to a couple of months and more or less $50,000.

But if you are a newbie, you will likely prefer a basic website that you can build on your own. Nonetheless, you would still want that site to get lots of traffic, right? To do that, here is a simple guide on how to build a website that will get a lot of visitors.

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Making a Website that Gets a Lot of Traffic

To make a website that can attract a lot of customers, you need to come up with a great design, a nice layout and an easy way to make it. The designing process is not really complicated if you have the creativity or a bit of idea on what your site should look like. The more complicated part is the creation of the site. If you are a newbie, you will probably have to get an idea on how to make a site. And even if you do know how, it will take a lot of time if you are going to start from scratch and build one using coding only.

So to make your task easier, here are some ideas on how to make a site that attracts a lot of visitors.

  • WordPress and Joomla

If you want to have a website in just a short space of time, you can try using WordPress and Joomla. They have a lot of themes that you can use for your website. Creating sites with these tools is also very easy since you only have to drag and drop items. But if you want to be more specific, you can also edit your site using HTML and CSS. Adding scripts is also simple with these softwares.

  • Dreamweaver and Photoshop

These two web page design softwares are great for creating visually appealing sites. If you love designing and making smooth and flawless sites, this is the one for you.

  • Site Builders

If you want great looking sites but don’t have coding knowledge to do so, you might want to use site builders. They are often WYSIWYG and can also be incorporated with scripts, which is great for all kinds of websites.

  • HTML and CSS

If you want to be the one to fully design your site, you can go with HTML and CSS editors. There are a lot of softwares for this so this wouldn’t be a problem.

Whatever tool you are using to create a striking site, you should remember to choose the color of your site first. This will help you see how your site will look like and will also enable you to keep the design idea to your mind.


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