How to Decide on the Best Domain Name for Your Business

How to Decide on the Best Domain Name for Your Business

Naming your business is quite a hard task. Because it is significant in branding, you should consider it gravely – just like logo designing. Your business name – or domain name of your business website – is an important factor about your business that your audience will use to recognize your company. This is why a lot of people are looking for tips on how to decide on the best domain name for your business.

Once you know what name you want, register it at Godaddy, the largest and cheapest domain name registrar.

Because your business name will affect how people will see your company, it should be something that people will remember and think of as something good. It also should be unique yet easy to remember so that it can become a household item once you have developed a good presence.

At the beginning of domain name brainstorming, the quantity of names that you can come up with is more important than the quality of names. It is easier to select a name by having a long list then eliminating the unattractive ones than to try to immediately come up with great names.

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How to Decide on the Best Domain Name for Your Business

Here is a technique that you can follow to make your domain name brainstorming much easier and faster.

  • Have a Name Brainstorming Meeting with the Right People

Gather about five to eight people from different industries – some can be writers, business owners or even family members and neighbors. Set a meeting wherein everyone can join in and participate in your brainstorming. You should also collect the materials that you are going to use like markers, pen and paper.

  • Start Off by Warming Your Minds Up

Once everyone is there, you can now warm up and get everyone’s minds focused and working on the matter at hand. You can start off by giving two words that are connected to your business or industry. Say, if you are building a business focused on retail, you can provide a word that associates with your business like ‘online shopping’ and ‘online payment’.

Once those words are established, your group can think of words that are associated with the first two words that you have given. Write everything that everyone has suggested on a piece of paper and stick it on the wall for everyone to see. Your group can use those words as inspiration for the next step.

  • Generate Titles

You can now have your group come up with ten names and write them on a piece of paper. You should give them only a short while to come up with the names. Quality is not an issue here. Your whole group just needs to come up with names.

Once that is done, pass the papers to the left and let the person next to them write five more names. Then, pass the papers again and have them choose the top three names that they like. After that, you can end the meeting and thank everyone.

  • Choosing a Name

Now that you have a huge list of names on sheets of paper from your group and on the wall, you can now check out each name and see which ones appeal to you the most. This may take days or weeks to complete. You should also check the names you prefer if they are available for domain name registration.

Sift through the files, have some friends involved, until you have come up with the best – not the ‘perfect’ name – for your business. $2.50 Domain Names

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