Is it possible to buy a domain name at GoDaddy, but then use Hostpapa to create my website?

Is it possible to buy a domain name at GoDaddy, but then use Hostpapa to create my website?

Is it possible to buy a domain name at GoDaddy, but then use Hostpapa to create my website? Well, this is very much possible. This is even recommended as registering your domain name on GoDaddy is a wise move since they offer cheap domain names. Using Hostpapa is also a great idea because they offer great services at affordable prices.

Hosting your website on Hostpapa, which has a GoDaddy domain name, is also advisable because you don’t have to worry about your website being shut down once you have a dispute with your web hosting provider, though this is not seemingly going to happen.

Using Hostpapa’s Web Hosting to Host Your GoDaddy Domain

To be able to host your GoDaddy domain name on Hostpapa, you need to set up your web hosting first. You should also change your domain name’s DNS so that it will point to your web hosting and not on GoDaddy’s standard web hosting, which enables your domain name to show a standard webpage from GoDaddy.

Adding a domain name on your web hosting will automatically create a directory on your server where you can upload your files. This will be the folder that will contain all your website files for your specific domain, which you need to specify a name for. You will be able to access this root folder via ftp, which means that you also need to specify an ftp username and password when adding your GoDaddy domain name so that you can log in to your ftp client and access your root folder.

  • Setting Up Your Hostpapa Web Hosting

The first thing that you need to do is to set up your web hosting account so that you can use your GoDaddy domain name on it.

You just need to log in to your cPanel and look for the ‘Addon Domains’ icon under the ‘Domains’ category. This is the place where you can add domains, parked domains and add-on domains on your server.

Provide your GoDaddy domain name, your ftp username and password and also your ftp folder name. Hit the ‘Add Domain’ button to finish the task.

  • Changing Your GoDaddy’s Domains DNS

The next and last step on linking your GoDaddy domain name to your Hostpapa web hosting is to change your domain name’s DNS settings. This will make your domain name point to your Hostpapa hosting.

Log in to your GoDaddy account then on the ‘Domains’, click the ‘Launch’ button. Select the domain that you need to edit. On the ‘Nameservers’ menu, choose ‘Manage’. You can provide your Hostpapa’s nameservers by selecting the ‘Custom’ setup type of DNS. Click ‘Add Nameservers’ then specify the nameservers of your Hostpapa web hosting account. You will find them on your welcome email which is the one that you received from Hostpapa when you signed up for your hosting account.

After entering the nameservers, just hit the ‘Save’ button and you are done.

Make sure that you check your domain name after 24 hours after the DNS setup to make sure that everything is working and your domain’s pointing to your server.

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