Is Weebly Still Free? Weebly Web Hosting vs Self Hosted WordPress

Is Weebly Still Free?  Weebly Web Hosting vs Self Hosted WordPress

Because of the changes that developers are making on Weebly, which are quite advantageous, many Internet users are asking, ‘Is Weebly still free?’ Now that it is being offered on Bluehost and already has a Pro version, many Internet users are wondering if this free platform can still be used without paying fees or signing up for a certain web hosting account.

And if you are also wondering, yes, Weebly is still free. You can use all of the features of Weebly that were originally offered when it was first launched, without upgrading to the Pro version. And the great thing about it is that there is no catch. There are no ugly surprises that will come your way when you are using Weebly for free.

Create a Website for Free with Weebly

As what is stated above, there is a Pro version of Weebly, but upgrading is not mandatory. You can still use Weebly’s free features without worrying about being forced to upgrade to the paid version. The features are also the same; nothing has been removed. Thus, aside from having a Pro version, which obviously has lots of cool features, Weebly is the same great free website creation platform, however, not as good as cheap shared web hosting.

So if you are thinking about using Weebly web hosting vs self hosted WordPress, you might want to try Hostgator wordpress web hosting out; especially if you do not want to spend much money on creating your website.

  • Reliable Host

Even though Weebly is free, its hosting is great.  You can be sure that your website will be up and running ‘round the clock; even if there will be a traffic surge on your website. Because of this, Weebly can compete with well-known web hosting companies that offer great service and great uptime percentage.

  • Domain Names

When you use Weebly, you will be able to either transfer your domain name to your Weebly hosting, buy a domain name on your own or get a free subdomain from Weebly. This is great because whether you have an existing domain name or not, you will be able to easily have a domain name with the help of Weebly.

  • Ecommerce

If you want to create an ecommerce website, Weebly is also a great choice. You can easily upload your products and integrate payment choices on your website with the help of Weebly’s tools.

  • Mobile

You can also make your website mobile-friendly through Weebly’s help – free of charge.

If you want to create a fully functional website but do not want to spend a lot of money on your website’s hosting and domain name, you can definitely use Weebly. WordPress offers a lot of features but if you want to save money and want to quickly learn how to manage your website, you might want to go with Weebly. So for those who are fairly new to website creation, you might want to try using Weebly so that you can experiment building a website without spending a single dime on your web hosting and domain name.

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