Learn HTML and CSS Guides to Help You Create Your Own Website

Learn HTML and CSS Guides to Help You Create Your Own Website

If you want to make a site, you have to study and learn HTML and CSS guides to help you create your own website. This will enable you to learn the things that you need to apply in creating sites using HTML and CSS. Because there are so many things that you need to study in HTML, you need to know which tools and sites you should go to so that you can start learning the basics.

Learning advanced HTML will not help you create websites. Because there is more to HTML and CSS coding than adding images and videos to a site, you need to learn how to do even the basic ones before you start practicing creating a real website.

Learning HTML and CSS

There are a lot of websites that you can visit to learn HTML and CSS coding. It would be ideal to start from the basic then advance to more complex coding and detailing when you have finally learned how to create a simple one with the basics. This will help you learn how things work and how advanced coding are related to simple ones. This will enable you to upgrade your HTML and CSS codes using various methods instead of just relying on site builders.

  • W3Schools

If you really want to start from the basic, you might want to go to W3Schools.com. This site has tons of tutorials and videos that will help you understand the concept of HTML and CSS. This site will also show you how to apply basic HTML knowledge to create a website. Advanced techniques are also taught but you should learn the basics first before advancing on the next stages of the tutorials.

  • HTML Kit and PageBreeze

These two tools can help you understand HTML and help you create HTML websites in a breeze. The kit will enable you to learn HTMLs coding while you create websites while PageBreeze.com will provide you with tools that you can use to learn more about HTML. It also has a free HTML editor that can help you create simple websites.

  • Notepad

One of your best buddies that you will be using frequently while learning HTML and CSS is your notepad. Notepads are great for editing HTML and CSS codes because you can input characters the way you want them to appear. They are also very easy to use and can hold long or large HTML and CSS files that some HTML editors can’t handle without using special tools.

You just need to type your codes in a notepad and use your browser to see how your work is. You can also easily edit your webpages through this tool because it can show you your progress and your alterations on your codes.

When in the course of learning HTML and CSS, refrain yourself from using any type of site builder. You cannot edit and make your own codes because those codes will most likely be automatically generated in these builders. Also, when you rely too much on these tools, you will never learn everything you need to know about HTML and CSS since they do everything for you.


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