New WordPress Web Site for Your Old Posterous Site

Get New WordPress Web Site for Your Old Posterous Site

Posterous Space will be shut down on April 30th this year. So if you have some posts or images that you want to transfer from your Posterous web hosting to your other websites or blog sites, you might want to start backing them up now. You still have a few months to do so but it would be a great idea if you start now.

You can move your stuff to other websites such as so it’s important to learn how to get new WordPress web site for your old Posterous site. This is a great blog site that enables importing of blog posts and other contents easily. And if you are looking for a great Posterous web hosting, you might want to choose Hostgator. It is the best WordPress hosting provider because of its compatibility with the site. It also has lots of features that will enable the installation, configuration and management of your WordPress blog easily.

Setting Up a New WordPress Website

  • Backing Up Your Content

Before you get a new WordPress web site for your old Posterous website, you should back up all of your content on Posterous first. This way, even if you won’t use your backup file, because WordPress will be doing the importation process directly from your Posterous account, you will have a safe backup just in case you mess up with your new blog and the Posterous website has already shut down.

It is not hard to do; you just have to:

    • Go to and log in to your account.
    • You will find a ‘Request Backup’ beside your Space name. Click that button and wait for the email that states that your backup process is complete.
    • Download the .zip file and keep it somewhere safe.
    • The file – all of your content – is in HTML format so be familiar with this Internet language so that you can manage it efficiently.
  • Creating Your New WordPress Blog

After you have made sure that all of your contents are backed up, you can now start creating your new WordPress site for your old Posterous site content. You should choose a good web hosting – Hostgator is a great choice for your new WordPress blog. The purchasing process is simple and you can start configuring your server in no time.

Install the WordPress software on your server and configure the settings according to your preference. You can ask for the assistance of your hosting provider’s support staff if you are not that familiar with the new web server to make the installation process easy and fast.

Hostgator has features that will make the installation of WordPress a breeze. These features will enable you to install the software within just a few clicks of your mouse.

  • Importation of Files from Posterous Web Hosting to WordPress

After the installation is complete, you can start importing your old Posterous blog to your new WordPress blog. You just need to install the Posterous plugin to make the importation process quicker.

Click the Posterous link, provide your username and password on Posterous then wait for the Posterous Importer to do the importation process. The Posterous plugin will be the one to inform you once the importation process is complete. Make some adjustments and you’re done!


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