OpenCart Shopping Cart Software

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All About OpenCart Shopping Cart Software for Your Online Store

Creating an online store is not very easy especially for newbie online retail store owners. And if you are one of them, you should find a way on how to sell your products online without going through a lot of trouble.

Know all about OpenCart shopping cart software for your online store. This open-source or free shopping cart software will enable you to create a website where you can sell all of your products without much hassle.

OpenCart Shopping Cart Software

Many shopping cart softwares available on the Internet today are paid ones so finding a free software is quite a relief. OpenCart offers free online shopping cart software without any costs, which is great because many online store owners will be able to sell products online without spending a lot of money on shopping carts.

  • Features

And even though OpenCart is free, it offers loads of features that make online selling much easier and enjoyable for you.

  • Unlimited Products and Categories

You can upload unlimited number of products under unlimited number of categories.

  • Product Rating and Reviews

You can also have your clients rate and review your products, which makes your online shop more interesting and useful for your clients.

  • Payment Choices and Shipping Methods

You can also offer 20 payment options and 8 shipping methods, which is quite advantageous for your customers.

  • Extensions

Aside from the built-in features that you can benefit from OpenCart, you will also be able to use extensions that will make your online store more functional.

  • Themes and Templates

Aside from having a wide range of choices, you can also customize your templates so that you can create an online store that reflects your business’ brand.

  • SEO Tools

Your website will also be more SEO friendly with the help of SEO tools. This will make your online store be found on search engine results, which can make your website have more customers.

  • Coupon Generators

You can also offer coupon codes to your customers by using coupon generators, which are useful in attracting more customers.

  • Social Media Tools

You can also grab more customers by using social media. These tools will enable you to promote your online store to social networking sites, where most online shoppers hang out.

  • Mobile and Tablet Version Generators

These tools are quite helpful because you will be able to offer your products to the growing number of mobile and tablet users. Because of this, you will be able to broaden your reach, which will dramatically increase your sales.

Through all of the features and extension that are available on OpenCart shopping cart software, you will be able to maximize your earnings without spending a lot of money in creating and maintaining your online shop. Because of this, OpenCart is one of the best shopping cart software that you can ever use.

Make sure that you find out all about OpenCart shopping cart software for your online store so that you can sell products without paying fees that other shopping cart softwares charge.



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