Reasons to Change from Windows Hosting to Linux Web Hosting

Reasons to Change from Windows Hosting to Linux Web Hosting

If you think that your website is often experiencing downtime and other issues, you might want to consider changing the server operating system of your web hosting. Because server operating systems can greatly affect the performance of your website, you might want to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages that your preferred OS provides. This way, you will know if it is time to change to a better operating system.

And if you are currently using Windows hosting, you might want to move on to Linux. Here are some reasons to change from Windows hosting to Linux web hosting if you are unsure why changing your server OS is a smart move.

Hostgator is mainly a Linux shop. What few people know is that if you buy their hosting, and have a site somewhere else, they’ll help you move the website to your new Hostgator hosting package for free. That’s awesome support. So if you’re looking to move hosts, check out Host Gator.

Why Change to Linux Web Hosting

If you are experiencing problems with your Windows server, better look for a great alternative such as Linux web hosting.

  • Uptime

Linux is coded in such as way that you do not have to shut down or to restart the whole system just to make major updates on your server. Because of this, the uptime percentage of your website will be much higher.

You do not have to reboot your system all the time just to make your updates and configurations be applied to your server, which is a great advantage especially if you need your website to be up and running round the clock.

  • Free License

Because Linux is open-source, you do not have to spend a single dime to use this system. This also allows web hosting providers to charge lower fees to their Linux web hosting plans. Thus, you will save a lot of money by not having the need to pay for any licensing fees.

  • Support

Despite the common belief that Linux does not offer customer support, many Linux users will attest that this operating system offers great customer support and community that will help you solve your problems anytime of the day. Because of this, you can manage and configure your Linux web hosting without any problems. And if ever you do encounter problems, you can simply contact their customer support for assistance.

  • Unbridled Control

When you choose Linux web hosting, you can easily configure the core processes of your server operating system so that it will suit your needs. Because of this, you will have more control over the features and the performance of your web hosting, which is one of the most important yet complicated parts of web hosts.

  • Reliability

Linux doesn’t have any known or prominent viruses and malware that can affect your system. Because of this, you can safely use your web hosting without worrying about attacks that can take your server down.

Because Linux has quite a secured system, you do not have to worry about loopholes where harmful elements can destroy your server’s core system.

Linux is quite a humble yet competitive server operating system. So, why don’t you try it out and see for yourself? You can go to Hostgator and sign up for their Linux web host plans. They will not only provide you with quality service but will also help you make your website better by moving it onto their servers free of charge.

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