Registered domain name at Namecheap. Can I use InMotion web hosting to create a website?

Registered domain name at Namecheap.  Can I use InMotion web hosting to create a website?

Once you have registered domain name at Namecheap, you will probably ask this question – ‘Can I use InMotion web hosting to create a website?’ This is one of the most common questions that new webmasters ask when they have just registered a domain name and want to use a great web hosting for their website but are not sure whether this is possible or not. This is understandable as there are domain name registrars that often offer web hosting services as well. Because of this, many newbie webmasters think that hosting their domain names on other providers would not be possible.

But the thing that you have to keep in mind is that you can host your domain name, regardless of where you have registered it, on any web hosting provider. Thus, you can very well use InMotion as your web hosting provider for your domain name.

And although the process may seem a bit complex to new webmasters, it is really just a simple procedure that does not need any special knowledge about web hosting and domain name. If you want to know how to do it, read on.

Creating a Website through Namecheap and InMotion

To be able to create a website using InMotion, you first need to have a domain name linked to your web host server. This will enable your visitors to find your website online. The instructions are stated below.

To link your Namecheap domain name to your InMotion web hosting, you need to add your domain name to your server. To do this, you only have to log in to your cPanel and go to ‘Domains’. Look for the ‘Addon Domain’ icon and click on it.

You will see a page where you need to fill up some fields with information such as your domain name, your ftp username, your root and your password. You need to provide your password twice for verification purpose. After that, you only have to click on the ‘Add Domain’ button and you are done.

The next step is to change your DNS settings so that your domain name will point to your web host server, which contains your website files.

To change your domain name’s DNS settings, you should know your web hosting’s nameservers first. You will find them on the welcome email that you have received from InMotion after you have signed up for a web host account.

Copy the two nameservers on a notepad then proceed with logging in to your Namecheap account. Go to ‘Manage Domains’ by clicking it on the dropdown menu on ‘My Account’. Then, click on the domain name that you want to modify. After that, click on ‘Transfer DNS to Webhost’. This will get you to a new page where you have to click on the radio button that says ‘Specify Custom DNS Servers’ then provide the nameservers that you have copied from your welcome email. Click ‘Save Changes’ and you are done.

After this, you can now create your own website using InMotion’s website creation tools.

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