Should I Go with GreenGeeks Web Hosting for a Joomla Website?

Should I Go with GreenGeeks Web Hosting for a Joomla Website?

You will find several different web hosting providers all over the world now, which makes it difficult to choose which would be ideal for hosting your Joomla site. The GreenGeeks is actually one of the companies that will stand out when we talk of web hosting providers for Joomla. The company is so popular, being the number one choice of various ecommerce companies as their web hosting provider. They provide a wide variety of services, such as VPS hosting, shared web hosting, reseller hosting solutions, and more, and all these services are ideal for both professionals and beginners. Since 2006, the company has provided web hosting services to more than a million websites worldwide.

GreenGeeks Review on Features

GreenGeeks is committed to providing customers with the best Joomla web hosting experience. This could be because of the fact that their servers and features are configured well for any version of Joomla site. Among these features are:

  • They provide the latest MySQL version, dual PHP 5.2x and 5.3x, etc.
  • Come with PHP.INI which allows you to easily customized PHP settings.
  • Includes unlimited web space and data transfer, with no restriction for the PHP memory limit. But the default was set to 32 MB and you can request for this to be increased depending on your needs.
  • Features a 300 percent wind powered hosting solution that’s green powered.
  • With the help of the control panel that the company provides, customers can do anything on their website easily and they can create Joomla sites with just a few clicks. They can also manage email accounts, view statistics and disk space through the control panel.

GreenGeeks Pricing

Pricing is another factor that one should consider when looking for the best web hosting provider for Joomla sites. The price that GreenGeeks offer usually starts at $6.95 per month and the company is currently offering a fifty percent discount for all customers.

Just like with some of the leading hosting companies for Joomla sites, they also have a money back guarantee which is for 30 days and this applies to all hosting solutions that they offer. The rule is easy. If customers are not happy with the service, they can simply get their money back and discontinue their subscription.

GreenGeeks Uptime for Joomla

GreenGeeks guarantees almost a hundred percent uptime, making them the fastest and the most reliable hosting provider for Joomla sites. The reason behind this speed is because of their two high powered datacenters which are based in Chicago, Illinois and in Phoenix, Arizona. The datacenters are equipped with the latest dual quad core servers and also come with great specifications such as 24 GB DDR3 that’s ECC-registered and RAID-10 Storage.

The engineers of the company perform regular maintenance work on the datacenters and the company’s backup system assures that your website will be running all the time and at a fast speed. With all the great features and excellent service that GreenGeeks is offering, it is therefore recommended that you go for GreenGeeks for hosting your Joomla site.

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