use InMotion web hosting to build a website with domain name

I purchased a domain at, but I want to use InMotion web hosting to build a website.  How do I do it?

‘I purchased a domain at, but I want to use InMotion web hosting to build a website.  How do I do it?’ This is one of the most common questions of new webmasters. Because some new people on the Internet do not know much about web hosting and domain names, they are often confused on what to do with the two to be able to create their own website. And to get rid of that confusion, here is a short explanation along with step by step instructions on how to use’s domain name and InMotion web hosting to create a website.

Domain Names and Web Hosting

Your domain name will be your website’s address. This is the one that Internet users will enter to their browsers to look for or get to your website. Your web hosting, on the other hand, is where you will store all of your website’s files. This is the place where you upload your web pages and other files so that it will be available on the Internet.

And as what was explained above, your website can be accessed by Internet users through your domain name. Thus, you have to point your domain name to your web host server so that Internet users can locate your server using your domain name; just like a house (web host server) with a mailing address (domain name).

Now, to be able to link the two with one another, you have to log in to your and your InMotion account and follow the steps below.

  • InMotion Web Hosting

On your InMotion web hosting account, go to the ‘Addon Domain’ under the ‘Domains’ category. You will see a page with a short form, containing five fields: one for your domain name, one for your ftp username, one for the root directory and two for your password.

Fill the domain name field with your domain name then provide an ftp username and a password that you want to use when logging in and uploading files to your server via ftp. The password has two fields so you have to enter your chosen password twice, for confirmation purposes.

After you have filled up the entire form, just hit the ‘Add Domain’ button.

  • Domain Name

Once logged in to your account, look for the domain name that you want to modify. Click on that domain so that you can change its DNS settings and make it point to your InMotion web hosting. Scroll down a bit and look for the existing nameservers of your domain name.

There will be a couple of nameservers but you only need to edit two of them. Open your InMotion welcome email from your email account on another window then copy the two nameservers and enter them on the first two empty fields next to the existing nameservers. Click the ‘Continue’ button twice and you are done.

After the two steps above, wait for at least 24 hours before you start accessing your domain name. Once the process is successful, you can now start uploading your files for your website.

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