What Cheap Web Host is the Fastest Drupal Website Hosting?

What Cheap Web Host is the Fastest Drupal Website Hosting?

When people build a website using Drupal, they will most likely notice that their website will be loading fast enough, which attracts more users to the site. E-commerce sites will also love the fact that they will be able to bring the best user experience which is good for the business. And aside from having excellent and fast service, Drupal is also known for offering the most affordable hosting packages.

What cheap web host is the fastest Drupal website hosting? InmotionHosting is highly recommended. The company is highly reputable when it comes to providing web hosting products and services and is known for their 90-day money back guarantee. They also provide excellent customer service support which is what everyone wants in a web hosting company.

Fast Speed and Multiple Datacenters

There are lots of reasons why you should choose InmotionHosting for your Drupal website hosting. First of all, it is super fast. When it comes to the hosting speed, this will greatly vary on the type of datacenter facilities that the company used, as well as the web server hardware and the server software configuration. With InmotionHosting, you can be guaranteed fast speed since the company has the best technologies and optimizes these technologies in order to operate your website at a fast speed.

Another reason why many would prefer InmotionHosting is because of the fact that they have two datacenters. One of these is in California and another is based in Virginia. The moment you sign up for their service, you can choose any datacenter that is closer to your location in order to get a much better connection speed. In the same way, the website will also load faster.

Fast Hard Drive and Maximum Speed Zones

InmotionHosting makes use of a hundred percent powerful DELL servers in order to ensure a highly reliable Drupal web hosting service. In addition, the company builds the servers to a 15K SAS hard drive and configures them with the DAID 10. And with their exclusive Max Speed Zones technology, InmotionHosting can certainly offer their customers the best hosting solution with the fastest speed possible.

InmotionHosting also has faster databases. As you know, the Drupal website will request information from the MySQL databases on each page of request. InmotionHosting boosts a database interaction speed by making use of a local host setup and by means of query caching. This is done so that Drupal will be able to effectively communicate by means of MySQL that will result to a high speed page loading for Drupal sites.

InmotionHosting is 100% Compatible with Drupal

Definitely, InmotionHosting is very compatible with Drupal. The company provides the most stable platform for Drupal websites and its hosting package includes MySQL 5, Apache 2 and dual PHP versions which are compatible with the Drupal versions 6, 7 and 8. In addition, the package also includes PHP which is operated as suPHP in order to enhance the security of the website. It comes with 512 MB memory limit as well as a mod_rewrite Apache module enabled.

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