Which Host is Better Lunarpages or Hostgator Web Hosting?

Which Host is Best Lunarpages or Hostgator Web Hosting?

Both Hostgator and Lunarpages are quite popular and established web hosting providers. Because of this, many people are asking this question, ‘Which host is better Lunarpages or Hostgator web hosting?’

Because both web hosting companies offer great services as well as affordable prices, many Internet users, particularly website owners, want to know which is better. Both are actually good and can offer great service to their customers. Their plans are nice and are beneficial to website owners from newbie ones to professional ones. But because of the pricing and features of their plans, the other has outdone the other. And to find out which one is better, read on.

Lunarpages vs. Hostgator

Here is a comparison between the two web hosting companies.

  • Lunarpages

Lunarpages, which is founded in 1998, is known for providing services mostly to business websites. Because of their enterprise-level services, many online businesses opt for Lunarpages. The features and services that they provide to their clients enable the latter to create and manage a business website that is fully functional.

  • Plans and Pricing

Lunarpages’ plans start at only at $3.95. This is already a decent plan and you can register an unlimited number of domain names under one account. The drawback in this web hosting plan though, is that you can only have 5GB of disk space and 50GB bandwidth.

  • Hosting

Lunarpages offers Linux and Windows web hosting. If you want to have Windows hosting, you have to pay for a higher fee, though.

  • Hostgator

Hostgator is well-known for its cheap web hosting plans and great features. The company that had a dorm room as its headquarters has dramatically expanded since it was founded in 2002. Thus, it is now able to serve both newbie and professional website owners.

  • Plans and Pricing

Hostgator is one of the most affordable web hosting providers that offer great services. For just $3.96 per month, you will be able to create and manage a great website. Because the disk space and bandwidth are unlimited, you won’t have to worry about traffic surges and too much files on your site.

  • Hosting

Whether you are a Linux or a Windows fan, you will be able to have the hosting plan that you prefer. Unlike in Lunarpages where Windows web hosting is a bit pricier than Linux web hosting, Hostgator offers Linux and Windows web hosting at the same price.

When it comes to value for money, you will get more from Hostgator. Their services are cheap yet their features are great. Because unlimited features are in demand due to website owners creating and managing too many website, a client will surely look for a web hosting provider that can offer unlimited features. Hostgator is able to meet those requirements, which makes them the choice of most bloggers, business website owners and other kinds of Internet users.

Also, Hostgator offers a more reliable support system that clients can access any time of the day. This is quite an advantage because web hosting clients need all the assistance that they can get most of the time.

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