WHM vs. cPanel: What is Different Between WHM and cPanel Web Hosting Control Panels

WHM vs. cPanel: What is Different Between WHM and cPanel Web Hosting Control Panels?

Are you wondering about what is different between WHM and cPanel web hosting control panels? Here, you will find the difference based on Hostgator’s WHM and cPanel as the web hosting company is known to have the best WHM and cPanel hosting.

WHM vs. cPanel

WHM or Web Host Manager of Hostgator is an account management panel that will allow the hosting provider to manage the accounts of their customers. With WHM, the most common tasks that you can do is to create new accounts and adjust account limits.

Now, cPanel is the site management panel where the account owner can control the settings for that specific account. The user or the account owner can make email accounts and manage their files as well from a certain domain. Hostgator’s cPanel is one of the best cPanels today!

The cPanel also provides the hosting provider the chance to switch between the cPanels of all his or her accounts upon launching cPanel for a certain account within WHM.

Now, WHM will give you more control of your clients. There are some website designers that have only one shared hosting account and they host some of their clients on that one account. However, the problems here is that when the clients need email addresses made or they need to reset their passwords, the task will be handed to you. You can’t provide your client your own cPanel login credentials because you don’t want them to be able to access your other clients’ information.

Essentially, a WHM will allow you to resell your own hosting accounts and you can make cPanel accounts within WHM.

The cPanel, on the other hand, will enable you to administer various aspects of application management. To make it easier for you, here are the features of WHM and cPanel for you to be able to determine their differences.

cPanel Features:

  • You can manage your email with the cPanel.
  • You can control spam.
  • You can manage files through FTP.
  • You can manage databases with the use of MySQL, phpMyAdmin, etc.
  • You can manage DNS and at the same time still maintain full control over your zone files.
  • You can view website statistics.

WHM Features:

  • You can set up and modify the accounts of your customers.
  • You can get alerts if the server is down.
  • You can install applications and programming languages.
  • You can make and apply hosting plans.
  • You can block spam.
  • You have the ability to integrate new web technologies.

Now that you know the differences of the two, which by the way shows a huge difference between one another, you now have the ability to make full use of both if you want to. Hostgator has one of the best cPanels and WHM today, which is a good choice for you if you choose to sign up with Hostgator or if you are already an existing account holder, it is only best if you can make use of these great features that will definitely be useful to you.


WHM vs cPanel| What is Different Between WHM and cPanel Hosting Control Panels

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