Why Pick vBulletin Instead of Other Forum Software Options

Why Pick vBulletin Instead of Other Forum Software Options

If you are asking why pick vBulletin instead of other forum software options, you should read the features of this amazing forum software. And even though it is not open source, you will be grateful that you have chosen vBulletin to create your forum site instead of other solutions that do not offer the same advantages that vBulletin has.

vBulletin Features

Here is a short list of some of the advantages that you can benefit from vBullletin. Make sure that you take note of these so that you can compare it with other forum software solutions and see if this is truly the software for you.

  • Easy to Install

Unlike other forum softwares, vBulletin is quite easy to install. You just need to edit the config.php file manually and you are good to go. No need to update, configure or create any other files to be able to get started with vBulletin.

  • Great Support

Whenever you are having issues regarding your vBulletin software, you will be able to get answers right away. And you won’t just get any answer; you will get expert advice on how to fix things up and troubleshoot your forum software.

  • Flexible Layout

Aside from the easy installation and management, another great thing about vBulletin is its layout. You can easily edit your forum site’s layout without going through a lot of trouble. You will also be able to use a lot of plugins on your forum software so that it will be more functional. This will make your forum site more interesting and engaging for your visitors.

And one of the best parts of this is that these plugins are often free. Because they are developed by vBulletin users, you will be able to use most of these plugins without paying any additional fees on vBulletin.

  • Numerous Hosting Providers

Another great thing about vBulletin is that many web hosting providers support vBulletin. You can install vBulletin on most web hosting providers, making any web hosting provider to be the best vBulletin hosting.

There are even web hosting providers that specialize in hosting vBulletin like Hostgator, which is quite advantageous if you choose to make your forum site or page more functional. Because most web hosting providers’ plans include vBulletin hosting, you will never have a problem finding a web hosting that can support this forum software. Thus, you can choose whatever web hosting provider that you want. You do not have to worry about choosing a good web hosting provider that is not able to support vBulletin.

When creating a forum website or webpage with vBulletin, make sure that you take a look at some of the most popular and reliable web hosting companies like Hostgator so that you will be able to choose the web hosting provider that is able to sustain your forum site and is able to provide you with all the features that you will need to be able to create a forum site that has various functions that can help you have a fully functional and engaging forum site for you visitors.

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