Why You Need a Business Website Even if You Have Twitter and Facebook Pages

Why You Need a Business Website Even if You Have Twitter and Facebook Pages

Some people think that having a Facebook business page or Twitter account is more important than having a website in making their business succeed. But that’s not really true. There are just some things that Facebook and other social networking sites cannot do – which a business website can.

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Why You Need a Business Website Even if You Have Twitter and Facebook Pages

Even if social networking sites, like Facebook, can significantly make a business popular and be able to reach to potential customers, there are some shortcomings in using them. Websites are far more convenient and efficient to use.

  • Your Website is Yours; Facebook and Twitter aren’t.

While Facebook is a strong social networking site, it is not forever. You may think that having a Facebook business page is more important because it is prominent and you can easily reach out to millions of people with minimal effort. But Facebook might simply collapse and leave you with nothing, the same goes for Twitter.

But by having a website, you can be sure that your business is still accessible to your audience anytime; even when Facebook and other social networking sites have already collapsed. As long as you maintain it, it is yours and it will be up and running; making your business successful perpetually.

  • Facebook and Twitter aren’t a Mine of Customers

Just because these social networking sites have tons of users doesn’t mean that it is easy to look for customers there. You have to properly promote your Facebook and Twitter pages and your business just to get people to notice you, and that takes a lot of time and money. Because if you can’t promote your posts through ads, you won’t be able to reach out to your target audience even if they are already your followers.

Also, Facebook isn’t compatible with all businesses. Some business people might find it easier to make a presence on other social networking sites or forum sites.

But if you own a website, with proper promotion and marketing, you will be able to reach out to a lot of target audience and offer them a place where they can know more about your products or services.

  • You Can Make Your Website Work Round the Clock for You

If you are using Facebook of Twitter for your business, you have to log in almost every time just to give updates, promote your products and provide information to your audience. That will take up a lot of your time.

But with a great website that is set up properly, you can have a place where your audience will be able to read and find out about your business, your products and you yourself without you being there all the time.

Having a website will give you more freedom while providing your audience everything they need.

  • Facebook and Twitter aren’t a Great Place to Sell Products

People on Facebook and Twitter are often there to reconnect and express themselves – not to find products that they can buy. Because of that, they aren’t the best place to sell products and this is why you need a business website even if you have Twitter and Facebook pages.

You can instead build your own website and promote your ads elsewhere; somewhere where people will more likely pay attention to what you are saying.

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