Can I Use Hostgator Web Hosting with Registry Rocket Domain Name?

Can I Use Hostgator Web Hosting with Registry Rocket Domain Name?

If you are using Hostgator for your website, yet your domain name is from a different registrar, then you must first modify your name server. Although Hostgator will not have a means to modify the name servers provided by other third party registrars, they will provide instructions on how you can go about this. If you’re asking, can I use Hostgator web hosting with Registry Rocket domain name, read this article as it explains how you can modify your name server.

All about Registry Rocket

Registry Rocket is a tool created by eNom, a leading web hosting company. Such tool was made for their resellers to use, although they also have an option to use their own website and connect to eNom by means of an API. The eNom resellers who make use of the API will not need to make use of the Registry Rocket.

In order to change the name servers through an eNom reseller, you should first check out the website of such reseller and then follow the links that they will provide. Hostgator is actually an eNom reseller which previously uses the Registry Rocket just like with other resellers. But Hostgator now registers domains though LaunchPad and eNom created a new website in order to manage the domains that were bought from Hostgator.

Managing your Domain

If you have registered your domain name with Hostgator, you will be able to manage your domain through “”. If you cannot locate your domain name, then it has probably not been moved yet to the new system. If this is the case, then you should refer to

Determining the Name Servers for your Hosting Account

The first step to changing your name servers is to find out what name servers you will use for your hosting account with Hostgator. This will vary depending on the type of server and the type of hosting services used. Once you have determined the name servers, you can then proceed with modifying or changing it in order to use for your website.

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Changing the Name Servers

If the reseller makes use of Registry Rocket, then you should first visit their website. Look for the link to manage your domain. This link will take you directly to Registry Rocket and all you will do is to follow the directions stated there. If the reseller makes use of their own domain control panel, then you will have to follow different steps in changing the name servers.

You will have to first log in to Registry Rocket which can be found on the Manage your Domain section. Then scroll down towards the DNS Information section and choose “Edit”. As for the DNS settings, click on “custom”. Take out any of the old name servers listed and then key in the name servers that you will use for your account. Click on “save” and you’re done.

Remember that if you are not sure which reseller of eNom you bought the domain from, you can refer to the WHOIS search.

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