Best Web Hosting Services Provider and Plan For Your Website

Despite the fact that anyone can create and host their own website, it is always more advisable to acquire the services of a company that specializes in website hosting. Web hosting providers can save all the data in your website to their own fast and private servers. A web hosting provider is also responsible for providing sufficient server space for a particular website and for maintaining the quality of servers. An online business as well as company websites can greatly benefit from the service given by web hosting provider, because websites that run under a trusted web hosting provider are less likely to crash, and are much faster to load compared to other websites. There are many types of web hosting plans to choose from, and these plans have their own special purpose and quirks. The hosting prices of these plans also vary on the type of plan and company. We’ve included the types web hosting plans as well as web hosting reviews for companies that are providing these types of plans.

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  • Shared Hosting: For a personal website or a small online business, many people suggest acquiring a shared plan. Shared hosting is a popular option because it is cheap, and it is also known for its ease of use. This type of plan is called shared hosting because the servers as well as other resources are shared together by many websites. The control panel system, like cPanel, Plesk, Ensim and DirectAdmin are used in a shared hosting plan.  One downside to a shared plan is the lack of control given to the website owner, since the shared hosting includes a unique system administration. Nonetheless, for online business owners who wish to have an affordable, strong and easy to control website, the shared hosting plan is one great option.

HostGator is one of the best web hosting providers that feature a shared hosting plan. Customers can choose between two of their shared plan, the personal plan and the enterprise plan. The shared hosting personal plan of HostGator includes unlimited bandwidth and disk space as well. A Shared SSL certificate is also available for HostGator’s personal plans.

  • VPS Hosting: For people who are no strangers to creating complex websites, the Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting plan is one great option for them. With VPS hosting, website owners can add software or packages, that aren’t normally provided by their web host provider, to their websites. Technically in the VPS hosting, the server is still shared by multiple websites, but there are lesser websites sharing a server in a VPS plan. Clients who acquired a VPS plan will be able to gain access to the operating system installation of their website.

MyHosting is one of the leading web hosting service companies with available VPS plans. With MyHosting, the settings of the VPS plan can be easily modified within minutes. MyHosting VPS plans will also include a free domain, a dedicated IP address and an SSL certificate as well. MyHosting also offers a speedy customer phone support that can be contacted 24/7 in cases of any technical difficulties. The customer support of MyHosting can also be contacted thru chat and email. If a customer is unsatisfied with the service provided by MyHosting and their VPS plans, MyHosting is also offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Dedicated Servers: In the case of dedicated server plans, the owner of the website will be able to gain full access to the entire server, since the server isn’t shared with other website owners. Just like the VPS plan, the owner of the website can also gain an admin access. All the other resources provided by a web hosting service can be accessed with a dedicated server plan. This type of hosting plan is ideal for large websites that will get a lot of traffic. The features that come with a dedicated server, like the bandwidth and storage size, can be modified to fit the needs of the website. For companies who want to have total control on the server and the hosting environment, the dedicated server is the best plan for their websites.

When it comes to the best provider of web hosting services for a dedicated server, HostGator emerges as one of the best ones. They have dedicated server plans that can support Windows as well as Linux dedicated servers. For Windows and Linux dedicated server plans, customers can choose among 4 different dedicated server plans. The dedicated server plans of HostGator are offering unlimited email accounts. The dedicated server plans also come with the latest and most innovative WHM Control Panel, and these control panels are available in many different languages. The uplink speed as well as the memory size will depend on the type of dedicated server plan acquired. HostGator is considered to be one of the best companies that provide a web hosting service because of their reasonable prices as well as their excellent customer support.

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