Best Pay Per Month Web Hosting Services

Do you want to get your website off the ground today, but don’t have the cash to pay for web hosting?  No worries.  Just get a month by month web hosting package.  That way you only have to lay out a months worth of cash up front, instead of a year or more.

Most web hosts don’t have a monthly hosting service.  They require you to buy at least a years worth of hosting at the time of purchase.  But there’s a reliable, high quality web host that does sale month to month hosting … HostGator.  Visit HostGator today and get your website up and running before you know it.  You’ll feel great seeing your site on the internet, so don’t delay.

Best Pay Monthly Web Hosting Services

With so many hosting providers today, the search for the best pay by month web hosting services should focus on at least four critical issues.  During the early years of web hosting, the service was so expensive because bandwidth was difficult to allocate due to its scarcity and the disk space availability was considerably small.  Majority of the features were also more appropriate for smaller websites.  Fortunately, web hosting services today offer so much more feature-wise, and at a relatively lower cost.

There are a number of popular web hosting services today like HostGator, BlueHost, and HostMonster among others that have received a lot of positive feedback from their users.  It is therefore important to understand what makes their services exceptional to consider them some of the reliable pay per month web hosting services on the Internet.  For those who are new to this area of Internet usage, understanding what specific issues to consider will clear up the waters to help them find the best value for their money based on their specific needs.

The Basic Package

As diverse as web hosting providers are, so are the services that they offer.  This means that the Basic Package that is provided to you may be cheaper, but not as functional as you want it to be.  It is therefore important to make the Basic Package the primary consideration in choosing the affordable pay per month web hosting services.  Although it may take some time, in the long-run, it will all be worth your time and money.

One of the most affordable Basic Packages is provided by HostGator because of the relatively low $7.16 monthly fee that goes down even further to $5.56 per month, if you make a subscription for a year.  Going for the three-year subscription lowers the monthly payment to only $3.96.  This comes with unlimited disk space, unlike the 10 GB allocated by MDDHostingHostGator also includes unlimited data transfer allowance for these prices compared to the 240 GB provided by MDDHosting.

It is easy to see that although the pricing may be comparatively close, the specifics of the Basic Package can differ substantially.  For small websites, these details may not matter much, but you have to consider that as your website starts to grow, these small details become extremely important and priceless.

Service Scalability

Usually, scalability is associated with dedicated servers; however, it can also be applied to virtual and shared hosting services.  This means that it is vital to ensure that the web hosting services that you pay for will give you ample room that is needed as your website begins to grow.  It does not matter if you start small or big, if you are truly determined to stay online, there is no doubt that your website will become bigger than you started.

As your website grows, it will need access to more domains, disk space, memory, and other essential upgrades.  This emphasizes the importance of having a web host that provides the option of increasing power, speed, and overall performance as you see fit.  Make sure that this option is affordably provided and is part of your future expansion options.  The amount of traffic your website generates will ultimately dictate when it is time to expand.

For majority of web hosting providers, there are several packages made available to users.  Some, like HostGator and MDDHosting even provide options for dedicated servers should the need arise.  With these two however, it seems that HostGator becomes significantly cheaper for the same service value if users opt for the three years subscription in advance.  MDDHosting does claim faster and improved performance with their technology, so user preference will still play a huge role in the decision making.

Web Space Allocation

Not all servers are the same, and it applies to the amount of space that web hosting services can allocate to all their users.  There is no doubt that space allocation is an important consideration in seeking a month by month web hosting company.  As your website begins to expand, your space allocation requirements grow proportionally.  For majority of websites, 5 MB space allocation may be enough, but for others, it may be too small.

Website owners will always have to take into consideration the prospects of future expansion when considering web hosting services.  Essentially, the type of content will have lot to do with how much space allocation you require from the web hostVideo clips and sound files would usually have bigger file size compared to static images or purely textual contentsMDDHosting provides 10 GB to 50 GB space allocation for their packages.

HostGator and BlueHost on the other hand provide for unlimited space allocation.  Regardless whether you need it or not at the moment, there is no question that unlimited space allocation remains the best choice for website owners.  This is especially true with very minimal differences in pricing, or in the case of HostGator, cheaper pricing even.

FTP Accessibility

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most common and considered by some as the best way to transfer file from their computers to the host server in order to make them available on the Internet.  There are some web hosting services that allow for multiple ways of uploading web pages and files, while others, especially free hosting services only use online site builders, which have extremely limited functionality.

When looking for cheap hosting by month, make sure that aside from the ability to upload web pages and files using email or the web browser, FTP functionality should also be available.  For HostGator, GoDaddy, or HostMonster, the FTP accounts are unlimited, while MDDHosting only provides for 50.  The importance of this is that it does not place a cap on how much website owners can upload or download, to and from the web host server.

Although the final decision still lies with the website owners, using these common issues of consideration will help them limit their choices to what best fits their needs.  Considering all other features equal, it would seem that from the best pay per month web hosting services, HostGator has the upper hand and is the way to go.  Visit HostGator now.


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