Best Managed WordPress Web Hosting

Best Managed WordPress Web Hosting

Managing a WordPress website can be a chore to some, especially those who are not familiar with web hosting. Because you also need to manage your server that hosts your WordPress website, you will be doing a lot of work, which can make you spend hours and hours managing your site. But if you do not want to take most of your time in managing your WordPress site, you can have the best managed WordPress web hosting – WP Engine. This WordPress web hosting solution will fully manage your web hosting for you. But you would have to pay a fee to get everything done for your WordPress web hosting.

WP Engine’s simplest plan starts at $29 a month. And with that amount of money, many people are asking, ‘Is WP Engine worth the extra money?’ well, if you really want a smooth and hassle-free WordPress site management, then it is worth the extra money.
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WP Engine’s Features and Advantages

WP Engine enables WordPress website owners to have the freedom they want in managing a website. Because their web hosting services include full management, website owners do not have to worry about a single thing regarding their hosting.

  • EverCache

One of the best aspects of WP Engine’s features is the EverCache technology that improves page load speed of WordPress sites. WordPress site owners won’t have to worry about their site’s page load speed, regardless of how many files and plugins they upload on their site.

  • Hacker Cleanup

WordPress site owners also do not have to worry about their site being plagued with malware and viruses because of WP Engine’s protection. And if ever their account gets hacked, the company will bring back the site to its pre-hacked state.

  • Support

WP Engine has WordPress experts that can answer to any questions regarding WordPress. This means that website owners do not have to look for answers regarding their issues elsewhere. The answers are also speedy, which makes the service even more useful.

  • Daily Backup

WordPress website owners’ data will also be backed up on a daily basis. This enables them to get a copy of their data on their preferred date and restore it on their site. This is great when a website owner accidentally makes changes that messes their site and want to revert to their old version of WordPress site.

  • Data Center Choices

WP Engine has three data centers that website owners can choose from. This will enable the latter to select a data center that is closest to their target visitors, which will make their site’s page load speed even faster.

When you decide to move your WordPress site onto WP Engine, you will be assisted during the move by one of the company’s engineers. This will make your transfer smooth and quick, which is one of the reasons why moving to WP Engine is ideal.

You will also never have to worry about downtime. Because WP Engine guarantees 100% uptime, you can be sure that you are with the best managed WordPress web hosting.


Best Reliable Cheap Managed WordPress Web Hosting

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