Best Spree Web Hosting Provider for eCommerce Websites

Best Spree Web Hosting Provider for eCommerce Websites

Spree Commerce is an open source commerce platform company that was established in 2008. The goal of the company is to empower and equip the world’s best sellers with the most excellent ecommerce platform.

The great news is that Spree Commerce has partnered with GoDaddy in providing the most flexible and user friendly eCommerce platform ideal for small business operations. As you probably know, GoDaddy is one of the largest web hosting providers in the market today. They are way bigger than any other domain registrar companies.

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To date, the company has provided services to more than 45 million websites and the number is constantly increasing. This is a proof that the company certainly knows what they are doing and that you can greatly depend on them for any kind of assistance that you need when it comes to hosting services for your site. This makes GoDaddy to become the best Spree web hosting provider for eCommerce websites.

Easiest and Most Flexible eCommerce Platform

The main purpose of the partnership behind Spree Commerce and GoDaddy is to come up with the easiest and most flexible eCommerce platform with extensive features, ideal for all small businesses. This is also GoDaddy’s way of providing continued commitment in order to democratize the technology for small businesses, helping them to achieve success online.

According to GoDaddy, they are fully aware that a lot of their customers are not equipped with the technical expertise needed to build a highly successful online store. All they want is to provide the best services for their customers who are often increasingly mobile and online. It is their mission to make everything easier for any small businesses to come up with a highly attractive storefront for their website, something that will make them to stand out and gather even more customers to their business. By partnering with Spree Commerce, they know that they can easily make this possible.

Differentiated Solutions in eCommerce Industry

GoDaddy and Spree are dedicated to providing differentiated solutions for eCommerce and in fact, this is the main focus of their partnership. It has been estimated that the overall eCommerce segment will grow to $370 billion in the year 2016. Currently, there are almost five million small businesses that have been doing business online and that there are several others who are slowly joining the industry year after year. By focusing on eCommerce, GoDaddy and Spree are hoping to bring more businesses online and that they wish to accelerate such trend for the years to come.

Industry Leading Open Source eCommerce Platform

With GoDaddy’s partnership with Spree Commerce, web owners will now enjoy an industry leading open source eCommerce platform that can help to grow their business. Aside from leveraging more than 5,000 source code contributions, GoDaddy is now fully committed to contributing to the Spree open source community, making them the best Spree web hosting provider for eCommerce websites. Aside from eCommerce solutions, web owners can also make use of GoDaddy’s wide range of hosting services.

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