Concrete5 vs. WordPress Content Management System

Which CMS is Best? Concrete5 vs. WordPress Content Management System

Many people are asking which CMS is best because there are so many popular CMS softwares out there. You might find it hard to choose which one is best for you. But if you are going to consider your website’s needs and your own preferences, you will be able to choose the best CMS for you. And speaking of the best, there is a content management software that is competing with WordPress: Concrete5. This CMS software is just like WordPress or Drupal but it offers attractive features that make it appealing to website owners. This is why there is a Concrete5 vs. WordPress Content Management System competition.

And if you want to know which one is best, or better for you, read on and see the advantages and disadvantages of this CMS software.

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Get to Know More about Concrete5

  • Pros

Listed below are the advantages of Concrete5.

  • Visuality

Concrete5 offers more visual facility than WordPress or Drupal. Because users are able to view what their website will look like while they are editing their website, website owners are able to easily see if their website looks okay or not. This is quite a great feature because this will make your website creation process easier.

  • Easy Theming

Creating a website using a theme or creating a theme yourself is also quite easy when using Concrete5. Because of the many features that you can use with this Content Management System, you will be able to create a visually inviting website fairly easily.

  • Cons

Aside from advantages, here are also the disadvantages of using this CMS.

  • Smaller Community

Because the users of Concrete5 are fewer than WordPress, its community is smaller. This makes it harder for you to find solutions to problems that you might encounter. And even though there are a lot of tutorials that you can find, you won’t be able to easily get a solution for problems that are rare or are not included in the tutorials.

  • Costly Add-Ons

When it comes to add-ons, Concrete5 is not the way to go if you are in for free plugins. There are a few free add-ons that you can use in Concrete5 but the choices are far too small compared to WordPress’ gargantuan number of plugins. So if you want to use a lot of plugins to make your website more functional and attractive to your visitors, you might want to choose a different CMS or pay for the plugins that you will get from Concrete5.

  • A Bit More Challenging

Tasks that are easily done with WordPress are sometimes challenging in Concrete5. If you want to make your own contact form, you might find it hard to do with Concrete5, unlike in WordPress that you can finish and use your form in just a few minutes.

Concrete5 may be a very attractive CMS because of its visuality but if you are looking for a friendly and cost-effective CMS, you might want to go for the all-time favorite of most website owners – WordPress.

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