Is Hostgator Best for Drupal Web Hosting?

Is Hostgator Best for Drupal Web Hosting?

Hostgator is a web hosting company that provides customers various hosting solutions and these include shared hosting services, VPS hosting services, as well as a dedicated server. For this Hostgator review, we will find out if the company is the best choice for Drupal web hosting or if it is not recommended for such.

Drupal Could Run Smoothly in Hostgator Servers

With Hostgator, customers will be able to enjoy a lot of good features that provide support to their websites and among these are unlimited disk space and bandwidth, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, and shared SSL Certificate. Hostgator also supports Ruby on Rails, PHP 5, Apache, Python, Perl and the PHP operates as a suPHP in order to enhance the level of security.

To help customers to save some effort and time, Hostgator provides a one click Drupal QuickInstall feature. Because of this feature, customers can possibly run their Drupal sites as smoothly as possible including those who are a beginner on Drupal sites.

Relatively Low Price Value Service from Hostgator

The Hostgator shared hosting service costs $3.96 per month because of the 20 percent discount that the company is offering. The price is definitely acceptable. But if you compare this with other Drupal hosting options, the price is a bit too high. For instance, InmotionHosting, another hosting service that provides business class hosting services, offers their shared hosting services for only $3.49 per month and this comes with several features as that of Hostgator. This means that you can certainly save a lot of money. And what’s more, InmotionHosting is faster and more reliable than Hostgator.

Another downside of choosing Hostgator for Drupal site is that the Hatchling hosting that they are offering will only allow for one domain name within one account. This means that if there is a need to leverage the Drupal multi-site features, you will have to consider the Baby plan that they are offering and this costs $6.36 per month which is a bit more expensive.

Hostgator Customer Support on Drupal

As compared with other web hosting providers, the Hostgator customer support is okay. Even if the company claims that they can provide customers with high quality customer service, some customers have complained about the services that they receive.  According to some reviews, it will take a long time before the problems could get fixed and might even take several days sometimes. This is normal for cheap, reliable hosting like Hostgator provides.

Hostgator Drupal Review on Reliability

The company also claims that they can guarantee customers with an almost hundred percent uptime and fast speed. Hostgator is renting out its data centers and is located mainly in the United States. The company regularly upgrades its servers and systems and will work hard to provide the best and the most reliable customer service in the word, although some customers have complained to encounter some downtime.

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