Is IXWebHosting Good for Drupal Website Creation and Hosting?

Is IXWebHosting Good for Drupal Website Creation and Hosting?

If you are looking for a budget web hosting provider, you will most likely hear about IXWebHosting. The company is dedicated to providing excellent hosting solutions to their customers at such a very low price. Now the question is – is IXWebHosting good for Drupal website creation and hosting?

As you know, Drupal is a type of CMS that is known for having high demands when it comes to server resource. So will IXWebHosting be able to manage that? Read this review to find out.

IXWebHosting Could Not Support Drupal Well

According to those who have tried, Drupal can indeed be set up with the IXWebHosting web server, but the problem is that it will take longer than the usual. In fact, it is longer as compared to other web hosts. One of the reason for this is because the Drupal installer on IXWebHosting does not work that well and so you might have to set up the Drupal website manually.

I’d suggest you read here for more details on HostMonster Drupal hosting, which may be a better way  to go.

In addition, the default memory limit has been set to 32MB only and this would not be good enough. Nevertheless, you always have the option to manually increase this or perhaps, send a request to their customer support. But then this would be inconvenient.

High Price Value Solution

The best thing about IXWebHosting is its price. Customers are happy with the fact that they will get excellent customer service at such a very low price. You will be given three different options for the hosting plans and the price starts at $3.95 per month. Customers can also avail of their exclusive promo where the price is said to be lowered down to only $1.95 per month.

If there is an increasing requirement on your website, you can choose the more advanced plans to host your site, such as the Business Plus and the Unlimited Pro. What is great with them is that there are lots of payment options available to choose from, such as PayPal and credit card.

IXWebHosting Review on Reliability

Just like with other highly reputable web hosting providers, IXWebHosting guarantees their customers with up to 99.9% uptime and excellent loading speed. The reason for this is that the company operates the data center on their own within the United States. With its tier 3 redundant data center, the customers will have everything that is needed in order to maintain the possible maximum uptime for their services. Furthermore, IXWebHosting is equipped with two industrial diesel generators that are on standby in order to prevent any power outages and during emergency situations.

IXWebHosting certainly knows the importance of having excellent online security. As such, the company has done certain measures in order to prevent their customer’s websites from being hacked, and among these measures are the monitoring services.

IXWebHosting Hosting Review on Customer Support

IXWebHosting is known for their in-house experts who have been in the web hosting industry for so many years now and are more than willing to assist customers in dealing with any kind of issue. The technical staff members are well versed, professional and patient. If you have any problem with their service, all you will do is to call them. You can also reach them via email, live chat and by sending a ticket.

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