Best Blogging Web Hosting

Best Blogging Web Hosting

Because blogs are some of the most powerful websites in building an online presence, it is significant that you create a blog with a reliable, consistent and secured web hosting provider. Choose the best blogging web hosting so that you will be able to take full advantage of the features that blogging can offer. Choosing the best blog web hosting will also enable you to maximize the potential of your blog and make it more powerful and capable of building an online presence for you and your business.

Hostgator – Best Blogging Web Hosting Provider

If you want to use the best blog web hosting company, you do not have to look any further. has already done the research for you and has announced the best web hosting companies for blogging – and Hostgator claimed the first spot.

Out of the 5,600 respondents of’s survey, 1,907 said that they would recommend Hostgator as the web hosting provider that their peers should use when creating and managing a blog. This means that many bloggers trust Hostgator as the best web hosting provider that is able to provide quality service and great customer support.

And if you are thinking about affiliate payouts as one of the contributing factors that made Hostgator top the survey, you are incorrect. The answers of the respondents were not based on any other factors, except for the quality of service and features that the web hosting companies provide. This means that the affiliate payouts and other benefits that the respondents had received from any web hosting company have nothing to do with the results of the survey.

Why Choose Hostgator

Aside from the results of’s survey, here are some additional reasons why Hostgator is the best blogging web hosting and why you ought to choose it as your blog’s web hosting.

  • Quick Install Features

If you want to use WordPress, one of the most popular blogging platforms on the Internet, you will love Hostgator’s 1-click install feature. This will enable you to install WordPress on your server in just a click of a mouse.

You will never have to go through a lot of uploading and configuring of files because you just have to select WordPress on your control panel and start enjoying the blogging platform minutes, or even seconds, later.

  • Uptime

Having a blog means needing a web hosting provider that is able to keep your blog up and running non-stop. And with Hostgator, you can achieve that. With Hostgator’s 99.9% uptime guarantee, you will never have to worry about your blog being unavailable during peak hours and during traffic surge.

  • Great Support

Hostgator also offer great customer support, which is a feature that all website owners/bloggers are looking for. Because of this, bloggers who are using Hostgator as their web hosting provider are able to manage and maintain their account without much hassle. They are able to get expert advice on various aspects of blogging and web host management without any delays, which is a very important feature that every web hosting should have.

Plus, Hostgator is cheap.  They have a pay monthly hosting service that allows you to save money up front.

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